The Morgue is a side room of the Cistern Entrance where dead bodies are stored.


The Morgue was used by Alexander to store corpses, possibly using them for study. It could have also been used to demoralize and terrify Alexander's test subjects, suggested by a Flashback. In order to survive the toxic fungi in the Sewer, it is necessary to get vaccinated with the blood from a day-old dead body l
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Dead body lying on the table in the Morgue.

ying on a table in the Morgue.

A note on a nearby table explains that the transfusion of blood from a person who has already had the vaccine will provide enough protection to pass through the sewers unharmed by the fungi. To get the vaccinated blood in your circulatory system, you must first use the hand drill to bore into the skull of the deceased lying on the table. After boring a hole into the skull, you need to assemble a syringe using the Hollow Needle acquired earlier in the game and a Copper Tube found in the Morgue. After creating the syringe you can then use it to inject yourself with the blood.

Once you have been vaccinated, a Brute will start breaking down the door (or on rare occasions, destroying it instantly) when you attempt to leave the room. You can avoid it by retreating into one of the two nearby rooms. It is not advisable to hide in the room filled with corpses because the sight of the piled corpses will drain your Sanity and the bright light in the middle of the room
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A pile of corpses in the Morgue.

makes it more likely that the monster will spot you. You can however, hide in the room filled with water, as the Brute may not check this room if you don't make any sound like jumping or walking while in the water.


  • The operation with the dead body will drain Daniel's sanity, because he has to look at it at least momentarily to place the drill and syringe. The actual injection will cause Daniel to faint, and when he gets up, he will be totally woozy and at lowest sanity. This is scripted into the game and is unavoidable.
  • Daniel evidently suffers from necrophobia (fear of dead bodies) as well as his more well-known nyctophobia or scotophobia (fear of the dark), but that does not really become evident until he visits this room.
  • The Morgue, where Daniel has his first dangerous encounter with a single Brute, may be considered analogous to the Guest Room, where he has his first dangerous encounter with a single Grunt.
  • The poison produced by the fungi, as it can be vaccinated against, is presumably a fungal toxin.
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