"I hear you breathing Daniel. Do you hear me? Have you changed your mind?"
―Alexander taunting Daniel in the Morgue.

The Morgue is a side room of the Cistern Entrance where dead bodies are stored.


The Morgue was used by Alexander to store corpses, possibly using them for study. It could have also been used to demoralize and terrify Alexander's test subjects, suggested by a Flashback. In order to survive the toxic fungi in the Sewer, it is necessary to get vaccinated with the blood from a day-old dead body lying on a table in the Morgue.

A note on a nearby table explains that the transfusion of blood from a person who has already had the vaccine will provide enough protection to pass through the sewers unharmed by the fungi. To get the vaccinated blood in your circulatory system, you must first use the hand drill to drill into the skull of the deceased lying on the table. After drilling a hole into the skull, you need to assemble a syringe using the Hollow Needle acquired earlier in the game and a Copper Tube found in the Morgue. After creating the syringe you can then use it to inject yourself with the blood.

Once you have been vaccinated, a Brute will start breaking down the door (can instantly destroy it if one tries to open the door) when you attempt to leave the room. You can avoid it by retreating into one of the two adjacent rooms. Both rooms contain a pile of corpses that will drain Daniel's Sanity; one room is large and contains a stone walkway around the perimeter, and the other is small with a low level of water on the floor. Either room can serve as an adequate hiding place. Despite the amount of light in the room with the stone walkway, there is a small staircase on the far side which Daniel can safely crouch behind. The room filled with water contains dark corners sufficient for hiding, granted Daniel doesn't make any sounds like jumping or walking while in the water.

If the brute kills Daniel the first time it makes its appearance, Daniel will respawn in the morgue's storage room. Once Daniel leaves the room, the brute will spawn in the medical examination room with the body. Simply run past the hallway leading to the examination room and exit the morgue to avoid the brute.

Collectibles Edit

Tinderboxes Edit

  • Taking the left path in the corridor will lead you to the room where you find the copper tube. In here, a tinderbox can be found on the floor in the middle of a fallen-over shelf.(109)
  • Two tinderboxes can be found in the room with the dead body from where you get the vaccine. One of them is in a bookshelf and the other is in a desk.(110 & 111)

Laudanum Edit

  • In the room where you find the copper tube.
  • In a desk in the room with the dead body that you need to inject blood from.

Notes, Diary Entries, and Memory Capsules Edit

  • Plague Outbreak - Can be found on a bookshelf in the room with the dead man from which you gather the vaccine.
  • Vaccine Trials - Can be found on a desk in the room with the dead man from which you gather the vaccine.
  • A Memory Capsule is inside a desk in the room with the body on the table from which you gather the vaccine.


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Dead body lying on the table in the Morgue.

  • The operation with the dead body will drain Daniel's sanity, because he has to look at it at least momentarily to place the drill and syringe. The actual injection will cause Daniel to faint (vasovagal syncope), and when he gets up, he will be woozy and at lowest sanity. This is scripted into the game and is unavoidable, even if the player has intentionally set their sanity to an absurd number with hacks.
  • If the Brute has killed Daniel for the second time, The Shadow will consume the area.
  • Despite the horrific effect of the Brute tearing down the door, it doesn't actually spawn until after the door is torn down (as indicated by the Brute spawning noise only occuring just after the door is smashed in). However, attempting to open the door will result in the Brute spawning immediately just outside the door and destroying the door immediately.
  • The music heard in the Morgue is the same one heard in the Wine Cellar and Northern Prison Block.
  • It is in the Morgue where Daniel will go through the first dangerous encounter with a Brute. In fact, it corresponds closely to the first dangerous encounter with a Grunt in the Guest Room.
  • Flowers can be found in the big room with the staircase Daniel can crounch behind. In a loading screen, it tells that Alexander were able to make flowers grow inside Brennenburg, maybe as a part of the Amnesia mixture or some other experiment.

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