Monsieur Florbelle
Florbelle's Corpse in the trap room.
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Monsieur Florbelle is the father of Justine Florbelle and a minor character in Amnesia: Justine. He is mentioned in several notes, which can be found during the gameplay.


Monsieur Florbelle lost his wife when their daughter was very young, while she was giving birth to his son. In his words, Justine's mother's "beauty was blinding".[1] Discovering his daughter's psychological problems, he dedicated himself to studying them, putting Justine through numerous experiments. Eventually, he hit a dead end with his studies, finding his daughter to only become "distraught and distant". On February 2nd, 1839, Justine murdered Monsieur Florbelle while he was writing a letter, using a peculiar star-shaped soap stone. After his death, Justine continued putting herself through experiments to evaluate her psyche.

History Edit

Finding his daughter to only become more and more distressed as she was growing older, he dedicated himself to studying the psyche of the developing mind. He performed a series of tests, or experiments, on Justine.

He let Justine pick a slide from a collection of slides featuring different scenarios, like a man kneeling or holding a sword, for every day, to represent her mood, and used this to study the ways her mind was developing.[2] These slides could be inserted into a "Light Box", essentially a projector, so the images could be displayed on the wall of the Florbelle Estate's Library.[3] Monsieur Florbelle found this experiment to be a great success.[4]

Another one of the experiments he performed involved the Puzzle Lock. The puzzle lock was a device which would only unlock itself if the two correct slides were inserted into it.[3] Monsieur Florbelle found this experiment to be a failure, as Justine always picked the same two slides for this experiment.[4] After a lot of frustration during these experiments, finding that his daughter always picked the wrong slides, Monsieur Florbelle presumably sexually assaulted his daughter after one of the tests while she was ten years old.[2]

Both the Light Box and the Puzzle Lock (or the Lumina Projection Box with accompanying Puzzle Lock) were purchased from an American company known only as A.S. inc.[3]

Monsieur Florbelle was also in possession of a star-shaped soap stone. These soap stones are strongly connected to The Orbs, and have strange effects on humans. They fill men with inspiration, to the point of obsession, which could explain Monsieur Florbelle's obsession with the human psyche.[2][5][6]

Monsieur Florbelle and Herbert were old friends or acquaintances, and on January 12th, 1839, Herbert sent Monsieur Florbelle a letter, offering his sympathy regarding his troubled daughter, but also requesting his help - He wanted Frenchmen of good standing to vouch for him, to increase his chances of being allowed passage into Algeria, where he was to go on an expedition.[7] Monsieur Florbelle contacted the consulate, which sent Herbert the permission slips he needed to be let into Algeria.[8] On February 2nd, 1839, when Justine was 11, after performing one of the experiments on Justine, while writing his response letter to Herbert mentioning how he was going to try and mend his troubled relationship with his daughter, Justine murdered her father using his star-shaped soap stone.[2] [8] He was buried in the Crypt.

A few months after Monsieur Florbelle's death, Daniel sent him a letter in the hopes that he could shed some light on Herbert's disappearance. However, his letter remained unopened.[9]

Amnesia: Justine Edit

His corpse is dug up by Justine some time before her experiment. He is hung upside down from the ceiling in the far room of the Crypt, with a phonograph attached to his head.


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