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The official Amnesia merchandise are promoted by Frictional Games. So far, there are only two products (apparels), sold at Gametee since May 30, 2016.[1] It is possible that there will be more merchandise products in the future.[1]


Servant Grunt T-Shirt[]

Redeem us both, Daniel...
Represent your love for Amnesia: The Dark Descent in Gametee style. Our beautifully hand-drawn engraving design honours iconic elements from the dark, psychological horror - widely acclaimed as one of the most frightening games of all time. Uniquely hand-silk screened, each of our t-shirts is a piece of wearable art, produced in strictly limited editions.[2]

Amnesia Hoodie[]

Show your love for one of gaming's greatest horror games with our Amnesia: The Dark Descent official pullover hoodie.[3]


  • The Servant Grunt art for the T-shirt is drawn by the artist AJ Hateley.


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