Memory Capsules are mysterious artifacts used b
Memory Capsule
y Alexander to record his thoughts. They serve as a sort of diary, providing information about the baron's past and motivations. They look like stone cylinders with a small half orb on the top and they are engraved with strange drawings.

The memories contained in the capsule can be "read" just by touching it, making clear that these objects use technology (if it can be considered technology) from another world or dimension. These artifacts are found throughout the rooms of Brennenburg Castle.

Capsule LocationsEdit


In the room with the chemical burner and the grating on the floor there's a desk with a pot and a note on it. In the desk compartment there is the Memory Capsule.

One day I will return. If it wasn't for the thought of you, my love, I wouldn't be able to go on. When I find myself doing terrible things, I take comfort in you.

As long as I am able to think of you and long for a life together, I know I'm better than the others. I weep for them, they lust for power without restraint, where I only crave fair judgment and a safe return.


After bypassing the cave-in by hopping from perch to perch there's a room with a desk on the right corner with the Capsule right on the top of it.

When will it be my turn? Have I not shown restraint? My patience spans centuries. From where I came, mankind is not even wasted a breath, yet I bow to you.

I have done so much for you and I have gained nothing in return. Agrippa, I trusted you. It was I who in all fairness should have entered that gate.


The Memory Capsule is inside a desk in the room with the body on the table from which you gather the vaccine.

I fear for Daniel, for he is reckless. He is tainted by the approaching shadow and will not be able to pass the gate. Will he be able to accept this in the end?

My love, I've seen evil in him. How am I to trust him with the truth? What cruel irony that I have to do unto him what Agrippa did unto me.


The Memory Capsule is found in a desk in the small loft accessed from the spiral staircase in the main room.

Is it you, my love, I miss the most, or is it perhaps myself? I know what I have become, I am not blind. I am a monster to them, a demonic sultan perched on a dark mountain top. There is little I can do to redeem myself.

The Black Eagle fears me and after Napoleon's defeat it is only a matter of time before they will demand my head on a platter. I must remove myself from this land. This time it must work. If I can't return home now, I shall perish.


This memory capsule can be found at the small room where Weyer's Tonic instruction lies.

In court, the order of the Black Eagle spew their politics at each other while I sit quietly in place, willfully forgotten. Once in a while someone will notice me and lose themselves in a silent cower before regaining their senses.

They all know I am the one and same Alexander who helped their fathers and grandfathers to found this great Order. I've seen them take their fathers' places, and they too will grow old and pass away. While I remain the same, aged not by time, but by anguish.


  • The memory capsules are similar to the artifacts from the Penumbra series, which are also small cylindrical objects that store thoughts and memories.
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