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The medkit is a resource item in Amnesia: The Bunker. They are used for healing more serious levels of injury to the player. Inside is a bandage roll and a bottle of liquid (most likely laudanum). The medkit is one of two healing items, with the other being the bandage.


Since the medkit heals the player completely, it should be used wisely, as using one when only a fraction of health is lost would be a waste. In that case, bandages should be used if the player has them. The animation for using for medkit lasts much longer than that of using just the bandages, making Henri stuck motionless for a while, so the player should be sure there are no threats around of any kind before using it.

It is also useful for planning the medkit's use in situations where high damage might be inevitable. For example, when crossing to important areas that are blocked by rats or poison gas. Having to cross dangerous paths like this multiple times will eventually leave Henri will very low health, making the medkit nearly a complete necessity. These options should only be used if no other items are available for clearing these types of paths.

Shell Shock mode[]

Medkits are of even higher importance on Shell Shock difficulty, as they are the only method of healing the player when injured. Bandages are able to stop the player from bleeding out, and by proxy leading rats to their location, but no longer heal the player in this mode. As such, medkits must be used to fully recover from one's injuries.


  • The bottle that is in the medkit is the exact same model as laudanum in Amnesia: Rebirth. The only difference is that the label is completely blank. Because of this, it is ambiguous what this bottle is truly meant to contain.