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Meat is an inventory item in Amnesia: The Bunker. It is throwable and can be used to distract vermin. Throwing the meat near rats will cause them to move to the meat's location, displacing the rats temporarily, so they're not in the player's path.

Eventually, the rats will consume the thrown meat and return to their original position. Given the light mass of the meat, it will not make a lot of noise when thrown, therefore, it is not ideal for making a sound-related distraction. However, be careful. When the lights are off, even the smallest of noises can sometimes attract the Beast.

Additionally, meat will not stun enemies if used to hit them.


The player should take care to not throw the meat too far, as the rats will ignore it. The meat landing at awkward distances could also attract only a fraction of rats feeding on a corpse, thus wasting the meat. As the fraction of the rats will consume the meat, while the remaining rats are still on the corpse, ready to attack Henri if he gets too close.

Using a lit torch is a good alternative to not needing to use the meat. Although, sticks can be harder to come by than pieces of meat, depending on how items are spawned.


  • The role of the meat item in The Bunker is similar to the role of the Beef Jerky item in the earlier Frictional Games title, Penumbra: Overture, in which it distracted the Dogs.