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Matches can be used to light up dark areas and to light torches and other lights by interacting with them.

In-Game Hint

Matches are items in Amnesia: Rebirth used to ignite light sources in the world, in much the way as tinderboxes in the first game. These light sources affect Tasi's fear levels. However, unlike tinderboxes, matches can be used to light multiple light sources (lamps, candles, etc.) and also provide a short-term light source in place of the lantern. The player can hold up to 10 matches at a time in Tasi's matchbook.

When struck, a match will burn for a short period of time, during which the player can light any number of light sources. Erratic or overly quick movement will cause matches to burn out quicker.

Once lit, light sources can be extinguished by interacting with them.


  • If the player lights a match during a flashback monologue, the match will stay at its current state and not burn out until the flashback ends.