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Legionnaire Matéo Desrosiers was a member of the French Foreign Legion, stationed with the garrison at Al-Mamaru Fort in the Algerian desert. He is a mentioned character in Amnesia: Rebirth.


Legionnaire Matéo Desrosiers was a member of the French garrison at Al-Mamaru Fort. He was among the first casualties when the fort was overrun by Ghouls.[1]


Early life[]

Almost nothing is known about Matéo Desrosiers’ early life. But it can be presumed that he was of a non-French nationality, due to his service in the French Foreign Legion, and due to the legion’s traditional requirement of taking pseudonyms, it is very possible that “Matéo Desrosiers” is not his real name.[2]

Algerian posting[]

At some point, Desrosiers joined the French garrison at Al-Mamaru Fort. Apart from his offical duties, he played games with the other soldiers.[3] Desrosiers, along with Legionnaire Lauritz, repeatedly harassed women from the local Kel Hanan tribe, who then appealed to the garrison commander, Captain Lefevre.[1] The captain punished both Desrosiers and Lauritz for this harassment.[1] Their actions were part of what led the captain to order the excavation of the cistern in order to keep the men occupied.[1]

Fall of Al-Mamaru Fort[]

On the 19th of March, 1929, Desrosiers and the Quartermaster, Corporal Delacroix, went missing.[1] It was originally assumed that they were hiding in the cistern until Desrosiers was found dead in the cellar two days later Cpl. Khalid.[1] The rest of the garrison assumed that he and Delacroix got into an argument that turned violent, leading to Delacroix accidentally killing Desrosiers, and then deserting.[1] The garrison then buried Desrosiers in the fortress courtyard.


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