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For her siblings and parents, see Zimmermann Family.

Margarethe Zimmermann was the sister of Elise Zimmermann and daughter to farmer Gustaf Zimmermann.[1] She is a mentioned character in Amnesia: The Dark Descent as well as a supporting character in the short story "Waiting for the Rain"—part of the Remember short story collection.


Early life[]

Margarethe Zimmermann was the second child and oldest daughter of Gustaf and Agathe Zimmermann, the younger sister of Friedrich, and the older sibling of Elise and another infant sister.[1] She was considered to be a responsible child by her mother, especially in contrast to her sister Elise.[1]

Sometime before August 1839, she was courted for marriage by a bachelor named Immanuel, although she either turned him down or was still undecided about it when her brother died of typhoid fever.[1]

Events of Waiting for the Rain[]

Margarethe was present at her brother Friedrich’s funeral.[1] She tried to stay composed, even when her father openly proclaimed that he wished that one of his daughters had died instead of his son.[1]

After the family arrived back at the Zimmermann Farm, Margarethe told her mother that she would marry Immanuel after all in order to help even out their loss of manpower/income from Friedrich’s death.[1]

Events of The Dark Descent[]

Margarethe was captured alongside her family by Baron Alexander von Brennenburg and Daniel in order to be tortured and harvested of Vitae, they were transported to the castle to begin extraction.[2]

Her exact fate is unknown, but it can be presumed she was tortured at the hands of Alexander and Daniel.[2] It is possible that she died during the course of the torture, was murdered by the Gatherers after Alexander had harvested enough Vitae from her, or that she perished during the destruction of Brennenburg Castle by The Shadow.[2]


  • "Mother, I have thought about it, I will marry Immanuel after all. I think it would help out with the money."


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