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Mansion 1 is the second (2nd) level of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. It hosted the additional private and family rooms of Oswald Mandus.


The mansion is rather large, with spacious foyers and halls. It also features many rooms, most of which are inaccessible due to intricate locks.


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In Lily's Honour, a Banquet[]

I am off to market. I will cry all the way home. I will have none, I will have none at all.

This is the second area of the game. As you approach the staircase leading to the front door, you will hear a Manpig howling, though it is not encountered at all. Descend the stairs and you'll hear Mandus' children calling you, and then a small tremor which causes the chandeliers to swing a bit.

This part of the mansion is semi-integrated into the facility which is evidenced by numerous hidden sections leading to a number of machine rooms and also by the strong tremors caused by the Machine below. The machinery is hidden behind objects such as the Grizzly Bear at the trophy room, and the bathtub in the guest bathroom. The bear can be moved aside to open the hidden room, while the hidden room behind the bathtub can be opened by using a lever hidden behind a painting.

The mansion also sports a spacious courtyard which offers access to the streets and some parts of the machinery. This is the first part of the game where you have a chance to spot a Manpig, although the encounter is purely visual as it can not hurt you.

This area leads to the Cellar, which can be fully accessed once the machines are all turned on.


  • From here just go run down to the stairs since all doors are not open in 2nd floor. Down here you can go either way but for this guide, go to the Right side of the hall
  • You'll found 2 doors in the end of this room, take the left one. In mid way you'll find a door that leads to a courtyard, the door in the end leads to a Bedroom which is locked now, and the last door to your right (from Bedroom door) is a Bathroom. Enter the Bathroom, then open the big painting on the wall to reveal lever to open the secret room. Walk your way through this secret room and you'll find a valve, rotate the valve then exit (while walking through, you will see there's a secret view for the locked Bedroom where you can see there's a Wretch is sleeping on the bed, and it'll gone after rotating the valve)
  • Exiting from Bathroom, you'll encounter the Wretch on the hall (lights starts flickering as the clue) stay put until it's gone. While you're here, you can enter the previously locked Bedroom (Optional for note)
  • From here, go to the courtyard from the middle hall door on your left. Go straight past 2 gates and enter the door in front of you. This gate will move to a different position depending on which valve you turn first.
  • On this room, find a Bear display and move it to the side to reveal another secret room with valve in it. Once done, exiting from this room via hallway, you'll hear Wretch noises behind the door behind you, opening it will trigger Wretch slamming the door shut.
  • Now that all 2 valve is turned on, you need to go back to that courtyard, but since the gate now has moved it's position, you have to take another route. Follow the only route to enter another hall with long table in the middle of the room (perhaps it's a dining room). On your right side, there'll be a room leads to another hall that connect to the other hall, in the middle there's a door leading to the courtyard
  • From here just go straight until you find a door leads to the room where you can see the previous 2 valve rooms you've been to, with exception you're on the middle of it now. Keep going straight then turn right until you find a secret door leading to the outside with truck parked there
  • Go straight, the gate in front of you won't open, turn right you'll find a stairs going down and a door in the end. Enter the door, keep going and you'll eventually get knocked out by some pieces of wood falling out from the ceiling. Now you're entering the Cellar
"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
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Found Documents (Oswald's Mansion 2)[]

These are all the found documents in the second part of Oswald's Mansion:

  • Edwin and Enoch's diary, October 3rd 1899 – Keep heading straight at the start of the level until you see a small table to your right. The note is on the table.
  • Dieses Herz – Head downstairs and into the banquet hall on your left. This note can be found on the music stand near the grand piano.
  • December 20th 1899 – Head back outside, and into the game room on the opposite side of the banquet hall. Then, go through the door on the left inside the room and head down the corridor. The note is on a chest of drawers on the right side at the end of the hallway.
  • Old Sallie i' the Doll's Cottager – The bedroom at the end of the hallway can be opened by turning a valve hidden in a secret compartment that can be accessed through the bathroom. Once you've opened the bedroom, head inside. The note is in a drawer in the dressing table.


These are all the phonographs found in either part of Oswald's Mansion:

Found in a room full of paintings on the wall.

"You don't mind if I record this, do you? I find it most useful."
Professor A
"Ah, you have one of those wonderful de Martinville's? No, of course not, my dear fellow."
"It's my own design, Professor, along with everything you see."
Professor A
"Most useful. You understand, of course, why the Ministry sent me? That they have concerns?"

Found sitting on the parlour table.

Professor A
"I must say my dear man, you look awful."
"Yes, I seem to have picked up something rather nasty in Mexico."
Professor A
"I do understand. What you have been through... a lesser man would have crumbled. Yet you have made all of this. Your great factory, your charities, it is a wonder. For one man alone..."
"It will all be made clear Professor. But first, a drink?"


  • If one were to leave the attic area without the lantern, it can be found again in different areas later in the game.
  • A photograph can be found in Mansion 2, on the parlour table.
  • There are at least two shields, one depicting the exact same black eagle as those found on Brennenburg Castle shields. This implies that Mandus might have some sort of connection with the Order of the Black Eagle, just as Alexander had.
  • Observe the room Mandus wakes up in. It has a vanity desk and dividing screen with decorative furniture. The room next door that contains Lily's flashback is a bit simpler in design. It is possible that Mandus fell asleep in Lily's old bedroom, and the flashback is a result of her giving birth to the twins in his own room.
  • The caged beds are to trap guests who attend Mandus's parties, usually the rich. Once guests are drunk, drugged, and brought upstairs to their rooms, the cage springs and the bed tilts up to send them hurtling into the machine for sacrifice.
  • When observing Enoch and Edwin's room in the attic, the room with the cribs, the door will slam shut behind Mandus if the lantern were on. However, if the lantern was not in use, the door will not behave this way. Whether this was a glitch or intended is unknown.
  • When inspecting the small guestroom in the area with the hatch, Mandus will hear strange noises that appear to be woodwork collapsing. A locked door in the hallway will then disappear as if it were never there. This is obviously a scripted event, and the cause of this is unknown. A possible explanation could be Mandus's mind hallucinating events.
  • In the room with the first phonograph, a clock can be heard ringing after the strange machine noise and shaking. It rings out precisely ten times, which would place the beginning of Mandus's journey (and the game) a little before 10:00 pm-31 December 1899.