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Mansion 1 is the first (1st) level of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. It served as the living quarters of Oswald Mandus.


The mansion is rather large, with spacious foyers and halls. It also features many rooms, most of which are inaccessible due to intricate locks.


The estate is the start point of the game. It features the entrances to several rooms; such as nanny chambers, offices, sleeping quarters, and hidden corridors.

No other area connects to Mansion 1, except for Mansion 2, which is sucessfuly acessed, with no obstacles or encounters.


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Waking the Doll's House[]

Daddy, daddy!

Edwin and Enoch before Oswald awakens.

This is the first area of the game. This has Oswald Mandus' bedroom in it, where he wakes up at the start of the game to find his children. Besides his room, Lily's room can be found, as well as Edwin's and Enoch's room, and the attic that can be reached by pulling a rope in the ceiling. It is up here Mandus finds the first lantern. After picking up the lantern, follow the children until you see a large room with paintings on the wall. Descend the staircase to find the first phonograph.

The mansion also features a system of hidden passages and corridors which offer a view on the rooms through numerous paintings which turn out to be a sort of one-way looking glass. The first one of these can be found in Mandus' office, by using a hidden lever disguised as a rifle. Follow the hidden passage until you see a lever on the wall, pull it down to reveal a hidden door.

The bedrooms feature beds which are closed like cages: part of a mechanism for entrapping rich guests of the mansion and sending them to the machine, as detailed in this note: October 27th 1899.

Locks on doors and furniture throughout the mansion could be a safety measure against the Manpigs if some should wander into the mansion.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.

Map 1-1[]

  • You will start from Oswald's Room. Exit the room, run straight and turn right.
  • Enter the last room on your left and walk up the stairs
  • Exit the stairs room, pull down the attic hatch and proceed to Map 1-2

Map 1-2[]

  • To your right on top of boxes, pick up the Lantern (doesn't require oil which is nice)
  • Exit from the room, turn left where there's bunch of boxes, move them to reveal a small tunnel on the left side
  • Enter the tunnel, move more box along the way and you'll exit from this tunnel
  • Exiting from the tunnel, turn left and go straight and go down to the stairs on your right

Map 1-3[]

  • There's Phonograph on the table. Entering the middle part of this area, there'll be a earthquake
  • Enter the door on right side which leads to a short hall. None of the doors in this hall are open except the last door on the left
  • Enter the last door on your left in the end of this hall, answer the phone, pull down the Musket on the wall to reveal secret door

Map 1-4[]

  • Pull the lever in front of you to close the entrance, and follow the map to find your exit
  • To exit the door, pull the lever first. Once exiting the secret passage, enter the last door from the left to enter Mansion 2


Found Documents[]

These are all the found documents in the first part of Oswald's Mansion:

  • June 24th 1899 – This note can be found in the room you wake up in.
  • Edwin and Enoch's diary, October 11th 1899 – This note can be found in a small crawlspace in the wall in the same room where you pick up the lantern
  • February 14th 1899 – This note is found inside a desk in the nanny's bedroom, the bedroom right beside Enoch and Edwin's room.
  • November 7th 1898 – Can be found in the desk in Oswald's office.
  • Clockwork and the Soul – Use the rifle in Oswald's office to open the hidden path. Enter the path and take the first left. This note is stapled onto the wall near the window.


These are all the phonographs found in either part of Oswald's Mansion:

Found in a room full of paintings on the wall.

"You don't mind if I record this, do you? I find it most useful."
Professor A
"Ah, you have one of those wonderful de Martinville's? No, of course not, my dear fellow."
"It's my own design, Professor, along with everything you see."
Professor A
"Most useful. You understand, of course, why the Ministry sent me? That they have concerns?"

Found sitting on the parlour table.

Professor A
"I must say my dear man, you look awful."
"Yes, I seem to have picked up something rather nasty in Mexico."
Professor A
"I do understand. What you have been through... a lesser man would have crumbled. Yet you have made all of this. Your great factory, your charities, it is a wonder. For one man alone..."
"It will all be made clear Professor. But first, a drink?"


  • If one were to leave the attic area without the lantern, it can be found again in different areas later in the game.
  • A photograph can be found in Mansion 1, in the Grand Hall.
  • There are at least two shields, one depicting the exact same black eagle as those found on Brennenburg Castle shields. This implies that Oswald might have some sort of connection with the Order of the Black Eagle, just as Alexander had.
  • The room Mandus wakes up in has a vanity desk and dividing screen with decorative furniture. The room next door that contains Lily's flashback is a bit simpler in design. It is possible that Oswald fell asleep in Lily's old bedroom, and the flashback is a result of her giving birth to the twins in his own room.
  • The caged beds are to trap guests who attend Mandus's parties, usually the rich.[citation needed] Once guests are drunk, drugged, and brought upstairs to their rooms, the cage springs and the bed tilts up to send them hurtling into the machine for sacrifice.[citation needed]
  • When observing Enoch and Edwin's room in the attic, the room with the cribs, the door will slam shut behind Mandus if the lantern is on. However, if the lantern was not in use, the door will not behave this way. Whether this was a glitch or intended is unknown.
  • When inspecting the small guestroom in the area with the hatch, Mandus will hear strange noises that appear to be woodwork collapsing. A locked door in the hallway will then disappear as if it were never there. This is obviously a scripted event, and the cause of this is unknown. A possible explanation could be Mandus's mind hallucinating events.
  • In the room with the first phonograph, a clock can be heard ringing after the strange machine noise and shaking. It rings out precisely ten times, which would place the beginning of Mandus's journey (and the game) a little before 10:00 p.m., on 31 December 1899.