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The second logo of the Mandus Processing Company

The Mandus Processing Company was a large company belonging to the family of Oswald Mandus.[citation needed] It was founded in 1828.[citation needed]


Not much of the history of the Mandus Processing Company is known, though it was recognized as the largest food-processing factory in London, and had been passed on through the Mandus family lineage.[citation needed] The Mandus Processing Company also contributed to charity programs during Oswald Mandus's time, helping to improve the lives of many orphaned children in London.[citation needed] However, following repeated mass disappearances, many of the homeless and poor began to be suspicious of the company and often avoided its charities.[citation needed]

After the events of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the company is presumably closed due to its last owner, Oswald Mandus, being deceased.[citation needed]

Factory complex[]

The Mandus Processing Factory was divided into several parts: the factory's courtyard where trucks are parked, the main compound of the factory, a massive underground complex beneath the main compound, and the vast sewers located deep down within the factory. During the events of A Machine for Pigs, the upper levels of the factory was guarded by Manpigs, while the sewers were infested by Failed Experiments.


(S) Denotes the area is mostly Safe. No encounters with any kind of monsters will occur in these areas.

(LR) Denotes the area is of Low Risk. Non-hallucinatic encounters with monsters may occur in these areas.

(HR) Denotes the area is of High Risk. Encounters with different kinds of monsters will occur in these areas.


The Mandus Processing Company actually has two logos. One is the logo for the factory, which can be found on some delivery trucks; this logo is plain and simply has the name of the company surrounded by decorative flourishes.

The second logo is the logo of the company itself, and is much more elaborate. This logo contains a highly stylized monogram of the company's initials that resembles the face of a pig. The second logo is only found within the factory complex's underground section.