"Justine, let me taste you."

Malo de Vigny is one of the Suitors from Amnesia: Justine.


Malo de Vigny appears to be the most insane out of the three Suitors. He is the prisoner of the cell to the right of the first cell block. It was mentioned in notes that Malo was once a very talented violin virtuoso. Before his downward spiral into a mutilated monster, Malo got drunk before an evening concert. It was to be a grand première of several new arrangements of songs, but Malo was so drunk he couldn't play properly and eventually the audience heckled and jeered at him. The stress was too much for the young musician; he threw his bow into the audience in frustration and collapsed. He had to be escorted away from the stage by the other Suitors, Basile and Aloïs, and was replaced by another violinist. All the while Justine was sitting among the audience, seeming very amused by the event. It is believed from rumours in the conservatory that Malo's apparent intoxication was entirely her doing.

Malo is the last monster to encounter in the sewer-area. He's seen as the most violent and crazy of the three men, as he threatens to — and will, if he has the chance - actually eat Justine, since he's tired of eating his own flesh. Despite what he's become, he speaks in a friendly, sarcastic demeanor. Inspector Marot is locked up nearby. Justine has a choice to make; either guaranteeing her own safety by leaving the policeman to be brutally murdered by Malo, or saving the inspector and risking the mad suitor catching her. In Malo's cell, chunks of flesh and smears of blood — presumably his own — can be found.

Malo is impossible to hide from. Though he is blind, he is always aware of Justine's presence. If you hide from him he'll make a beeline toward the room you are in, making it impossible to hide. This is possibly because he was a violinist, so the man had to develop a very refined sense of hearing to distinguish between tone and sound when playing music, this means he can easily detect Justine trying to sneak away in a flooded basement, as the water makes Justine's movements much easier to hear.

If the player is quick enough, they can run into the second room, close the door with the lever to their left, secure Inspector Marot's door, and then hide behind the left set of bars as Malo breaks in. Malo will then make an awkward search patrol back and forth between the exit door and Marot's cell door. Each time Malo leaves the exit door, the player can crawl up to it and undo it a little, repeating this until the player can simply flee at which point Malo will begin the normal chase sequence in the final hall.

Even though Basile is said to be the strongest of the Suitors, Malo is the only one who actually shows immense strength. He breaks down the door connecting the first flooded chamber in only a few moments, and when Justine is bringing the missing cogwheel with her to open the next door, he tears that one down in about 10 seconds or when Justine put the cogwheel on the machine and is at the gate, he will bash down the door. Once Justine saves/sacrifices Inspector Marot, a very intense pursuit occurs as Malo chases Justine through the final dark winding hallway; destroying both the final metal door and any obstacles in his way in less than a second.


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