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Malick Tamboura is a minor character in Amnesia: Rebirth. He was one of the crewmen of the Sadiola mining expedition, working as a guide and rifleman. He was aboard the Cassandra when it crashed in the Algerian desert.


Malick Tamboura was a Sudanese man who professionally accompanied expeditions to Africa as both a guide and rifleman, he also handled acquisition of supplies.[6] He held the position of the "First Gun" of the crew and directly supported Hank, his superior.[4] According to the flashbacks, he seemed to be a respectable and a loyal man, always referring to his fellow expedition members with honorifics.

His direct relationship to Tasi is unclear, but Hank remarked in a note that Malick "would do any thing" for her.[7]


Early Life[]

Very little is known about Malick’s early life, what little is known is that he was Sudanese (presumably born in the French Sudan).[6] In his adulthood, he would accompany European colonial expeditions to Africa as a guide and rifleman.[4] He appears to have frequently joined Victor Trianon, Victor’s daughter Anastasie, and Hank Mitchell on their North African expeditions in this capacity.[8] At one point, he argued with Victor about mules in Marrakesh, Morocco.[8] Malick also appears to have known Salim Hannachi for sometime, possibly before his marriage to Tasi.[9]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]

In early 1937, Malick joined the Triple Crown Mining Company expedition to the French Sudan, which was helmed by Hank.[6] He appears to have handled a good deal of the preparation work from Algiers, such as requisitioning supplies.[6] Hank believed that the seasoned and level-headed man could provide good advice to Rachael Holt, he also thought Malick could help Tasi and Salim through their grief.[6][9]

Malick was among the survivors of the crash Cassandra, coming out of it uninjured.[10] He maintained a calm demeanor and helped a severely injured Lukas Ritter out from under a piece of wreckage, although Malick ignored the demands of help from the uninjured but histrionic Richard Fairchild.[11]

Malick and the other able-bodied members of the expedition left their injured compatriots in the caves in order to find help.[10] They eventually came across strange desert idols.[12] Alex Sterling asked Malick if he knew the nature of it, to which the latter replied he was as much a stranger to Algeria as Sterling was.[12]

Upon entering Al-Mamaru Fort, Alex and Malick discussed the mutilated state of the slaughtered French Foreign Legion garrison.[13] Malick believed that a large hyena could have been responsible for the bite marks on some of the corpses.[13] Sometime later, the group ran into a desert creature that slaughtered Jonathan Webber and mortally wounded Hank, the expedition managed to escape and fled the fort into the mountains.[14] Malick guarded the retreat and tried to shoot the strange creature.[15]

Malick and the remaining members of the group: Tasi, Hank, Leon De Vries, Yasmin Chabani, and Dr. Metzier, traveled to the Other World at the invitation of an apparition.[16] Malick most likely supported Tasi during the debate on whether or not to accept Empress Tihana’s deal, in which Tasi would have to give up her unborn child in exchange for aid.

Malick helped Hank drink from the fountain after Tihana offered them aid despite Tasi’s refusal.[2] Afterwards he and the others also drank from it, unknowingly ingesting the transformative Harvester toxin.[2] As they prepared to leave, Hank was the first to transform into a Harvester, Malick held him back and allowed Tasi and the others to escape at the cost of his own life.[17] Upon returning to Empress Tihana’s tower Tasi discovered Malick's disemboweled corpse and tearfully thanked him for saving her and Amari.



Malick was a bald man with dark brown or black eyes, he appears to have been a tall and physically capable man. His exact age is unknown, but his general demeanor, physical state, and his heavily implied status as a seasoned guide and rifleman suggest that he is between 40 and 50 years old.


Malick was particularly noted for his calm, levelheaded demeanor.[8] As befitting someone in his position, he was able to maintain this even during times of great annoyance, stress danger.[8] One noted exception is his relationship with the notoriously unpleasant misanthrope, Leon De Vries, with whom Hank believed he would soon lose his patience with.[8]

Malick also had a very strong sense of selflessness, frequently putting himself in harm’s way in order to protect the other expedition members, especially Tasi. This tendency would lead to his untimely death at the hands of the transforming Hank Mitchell.


  • « Bite marks too, see? Hyena, maybe, but damn big one – didn't finish its meal. »
  • « I have him. Here. Mr Mitchell. Can you hear me? »
  • « Mr Mitchell! Stop! I will shoot! »


  • "Malick" as a name comes from Arabic and means "owner" or "king."[18]
  • Of all the expedition members, Malick was the only one who was native to the French Sudan.[3]



  1. Sudan was a French colony from c.1880-1959 and part of the greater colonial federation of "French West Africa", hence the use of the French tricolor flag to refer to Sudanese of this time-period.


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