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Gib Makka!

Alys Trianon

Makka was a stuffed monkey that belonged to Tasi Trianon's daughter, Alys. It is a collectible item in Amnesia: Rebirth, though one with no gameplay functionality whatsoever.


Makka was a stuffed brown monkey of a medium size, large enough for a toddler to cuddle with, but small enough for such a toddler to carry around. It has one missing eye, which has been replaced with a large dark button.

It was given to Alys Trianon at birth by her parents, Salim Hannachi and Tasi Trianon, and seemed to have been her favorite toy, as she carried it most places and even specifically asked for it by name.[1][2] She even apparently wore it down to tatters through use, although wear from storage may have played a part.[3] Much later after Alys's death from a wasting disease, Tasi uncovered Makka, most likely from storage, and commented forlornly on its poor state.[3] She then revealed to Salim that she had become pregnant once again, bearing Amari.[3]

In May 1937, both Tasi and Salim having joined the Triple Crown expedition to French Sudan, Makka was brought along by the former and presented to Salim to comfort him on the flight over Algeria, during the opening of Amnesia: Rebirth.[4] After that, Makka was lost to Tasi again, until she rediscovered it somewhere.[Where?]



Tasi's memories[]


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