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Maintenance is a major location in Amnesia: The Bunker. It is accessed through the Officer Quarters after the emergency lockdown has been lifted, and is an essential area in Henri's escape, housing several areas of interest. It is also the only area whose objectives can be fully completed without the use of the Generator.


The maintenance section of the bunker is a large area, and like the other areas of the bunker it is in a state of recent abandonment. However, it is in a state of utter disrepair even compared to other areas, being ridden with holes, debris, ravenous rats, corpses, blood, and viscera. Several corridors have collapsed and must be circumvented through alternate paths. It has a supply room, break room, clerk's office, pantry, the Foreman's Quarters, munitions storage, the bunker's chapel, and the pillbox.

In a large chamber in the middle of the area, Henri can access the Fuel Storage, where a giant container of fuel can be found that can be infinitely looted with empty bottles to fuel the generator. It also houses the Chapel, a subterranean church within the Bunker, where the Beast has made its nest, and the Pillbox.


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Entering the area, there are several rooms to loot behind breakable wooden doors. In the Foreman's Quarters, the second door to the left, one can find A. Fortin's dog tag, which opens the corresponding locker in Mission Storage. The paths are blocked, and Henri is forced to go through the Workshop. Once inside, there's a small navigable tunnel home to multiple groups of rats. These rats will kill Henri if not taken care of, as he is forced to crouch, so either a Torch, a Flare, Petrol Bombs, grenades, or gas grenades must be used.

Once past the tunnel, the door to the Pillbox is locked and requires a special key to open. Henri must head down and into the Chapel. Inside are the remains of a multitude of former humans, indicating that this location is the Beast's nest. Inside the confessional box, right next to a dead priest, sits the Pillbox key. The Stalker will make a scripted appearance, so either fight it off or hide. After the ordeal is over, Henri can head back to the Pillbox room and open the door. Crawling up a ladder into the small room reveals Foreman Stafford's body, shot through the right eye by enemy fire through the loophole. Near him is his dog tag, with the code needed to open his locker in Mission Storage containing the Wrench.


  • It is possible to be killed inside the pillbox by enemy fire.[1] A bug in the release version of The Bunker allowed this to happen even while inside Maintenance if you're near the ladder.[2][This was supposedly fixed in a recent patch by FG. When practical, add this factoid with citation to patch notes.]
  • The Stalker encounter in the Chapel is always guaranteed to happen.



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