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Madame Madeleine Florbelle is an unseen minor character in Amnesia: Justine. She was the late mother of Justine Florbelle.


She was born in Paris, France in 1806.[citation needed] She married Monsieur Florbelle. She gave birth to Justine Florbelle in 1828.[citation needed] Though her appearance is never seen in-game, Justine's father mentions that she was beautiful beyond words.[citation needed] She was known to appreciate both gardening and writing poetry,[citation needed] skilfully caring for a rose-garden and an orangery on the Florbelle Estate.[citation needed] She died giving birth to her son,[citation needed] causing her husband great grief. It is known that he tried to keep her legacy alive through caring for her garden, and reading her poems in the local parish.[1]


Madame Florbelle died when Justine was young. She is mentioned in various notes in the Cabinet of Perturbation. A hidden note in the Crypt states "You see, his wife had died while giving birth to his son."[citation needed] This implies that Justine could have, or did have, a brother; or that Justine is a transgender woman.[Speculation]


  • The statue in the Crypt was used as a monument to her for where she was buried.[citation needed]
  • Monsieur Florbelle's favourite of her poems was the following: Fair to fare on white foamed waves, / little feather on the rise, / my steady hand, it carefully saves, / a quill most cherished by the wise.[1]