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Her beauty was blinding...

Monsieur Florbelle describes his deceased wife.

Madame Madeleine Florbelle is an unseen minor character in Amnesia: Justine. She was the mother of Justine Florbelle and the beloved wife of Monsieur Florbelle.


Madeleine Florbelle was presumably born in France sometime during the late 18th to early 19th Century, most likely into an aristocratic family. At some point she married Monsieur Florbelle.[4] She gave birth to Justine Florbelle in 1827 or 1828.[2][3]Though her appearance is never seen in-game, Justine's father mentions that she was beautiful beyond words.[5] She was known to appreciate both gardening and writing poetry, skillfully caring for a rose-garden and an orangery on the Florbelle Estate.[1] She died giving birth to a son, causing her husband great grief. It is known that he tried to keep her legacy alive through caring for her garden, and reading her poems in the local church.[1]


Madame Florbelle died when Justine was too young to remember her.[5] She is mentioned in various notes in the Cabinet of Perturbation. A hidden note in the Crypt states, "You see, his wife had died while giving birth to his son."[4] This implies that Justine could have, or did have, a brother; or that Justine is a transgender woman.


  • The statue in the Crypt was likely used as a monument to her for where she was buried.[speculation]
  • Monsieur Florbelle's favourite of her poems was the following: Fair to fare on white foamed waves, / little feather on the rise, / my steady hand, it carefully saves, / a quill most cherished by the wise.[1]


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