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Note about the elevator.
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Concept art of the Machine Room.

The Machine Room is an area accessible from the Back Hall. In order to access it, you must first find the key in the Guest Room. It is the fourteenth accessible area in the game.


The Machine Room is a relatively narrow area, filled with pipes and machinery. This is a safe area, so Daniel won't encounter any enemy (the Shadow excluded).


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Light sources[]

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use fewest tinder boxes as you can and don't waste lantern oil too much, cause your going to need all that for Prison to let you know if your new to this game. There are 2 Candles, 0 Torches, 22 Lamps and 1 Fire (to burn coal).


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"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • In the room straight ahead and to the right, there is a diary entry on a table to the left. On the opposite side of the room, there is a tinderbox on a crate, and another on the floor to the left of it.
  • There is a set of six levers labeled "Pressure." Each individual lever has Roman numerals above and below it. The Elevator Machine Instructions note contains a crucial hint: "Up 8 & Down 8." This means that the levers should be positioned such that the numerals above the levers pointing up and the numerals below the letters pointing down should both add up to eight. This is accomplished by pulling the first two levers from the left down, the next three up, and the final one down (up: 5+1+2, down: 1+5+2).
  • Go down the stairs and into the room on the left. On the right, there is a large chest containing two tinderboxes. On the opposite side, there is another diary entry.
  • Across from the door is a panel with three holes, labeled "Flow." To its left is a note on a crate, which mentions that the rods needed are kept in Storage and the Study, in case you come here before visiting either area. If you have the rods, you may insert them into the holes on the panel. The shapes above each hole indicate which rod goes where. The Flow Cycle Rod goes in the circle hole, the Trinity Steam Rod in the triangle hole, and the Four-phase Amplitude Rod in the square hole.
  • Down the stairs and through the doorway, there is a note on a table to your immediate right. Jumping over the pipe, you will find some machinery with three empty spokes. The cogwheels that go on them can be found elsewhere in the area.
    • One is found in the same room, to the right of the doorway, next to a barrel.
    • Another is in the hallway up the stairs, on the left after ascending the stairs.
    • The final one is in the Flow room, resting on a table in the right corner next to the large chest.
  • Each cogwheel will fit on only one of the spokes. With all three in place, pulling the nearby lever will do nothing, as there is one final step to be done: refueling the burner to the left of the machinery.
  • To fuel the burner, you will need to place coal inside of it. There is a pile of coal in the room to the left. This room has an oil barrel on the left and a tinderbox on a shelf to the right.
  • After putting three lumps of coal in the burner, close the door and pull the lever next to it to turn the burner on. The lever near the gears is now functional. Pulling it will restore the elevator to working order.
  • On the way back, the Shadow's flesh will appear, so watch your step as you return to the Back Hall.


Puzzle items[]

There are no puzzle items in this area.


  • Two tinderboxes can be found in a corner of the room with the levers—the first room to your right. One is on a box, and the other one is on the floor.(81 & 82)
  • Two more can be found in the room where you place the rods, in a chest close to the gear.(83 & 84)
  • One more can be found on a shelf in the room with all the coal.(85)


There are no oil canisters in this area.
  • There is an oil barrel in the same room as the coal.


There is no laudanum in this area.


  • Diary - Haunted – Found in three parts: one part in the room with the levers; another part in the room where you insert the rods for the elevator machinery; and a third one to the immediate right on a small table in the main room with the elevator machinery.
  • Machine Equipment Memo – Found in the room where the elevator rods are placed.


  • As Daniel explores this area, the Shadow can be heard roaring constantly in the distance.
  • Daniel kept the room locked and the key hidden in his own room, which nicely explains the lack of Grunts here. It may be considered a reprieve after encountering multiple Grunts in Storage.
  • The three control rods have hints in their names as to where they should be placed.
    • The Flow Cycle rod goes in the circle hole. "Cycle" sounds similar to "circle," and circles are often used to represent cycles.
    • The Trinity rod goes in the triangle hole. "Trinity" means "a group of three," and triangles have three sides. Both "trinity" and "triangle" use the Latin prefix "tri-," meaning "three."
    • The Four-phase Amplitude rod goes in the square hole. Squares have four sides.


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