"If the elevator breaks down again (...)"
―Note about the elevator.
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Concept art of the Machine Room.

The Machine Room is an area accessible from the Back Hall. In order to access it, you must first find the key in the Guest Room. It is the fourteenth accessible area in the game.


The Machine Room is a relatively narrow area, filled with pipes and machinery. This is a safe area, so Daniel won't encounter any enemy (Shadow excluded).

Activating the machineryEdit

To activate the machinery you have to stabilize the steam pressure, insert the rods in the right holes, fill the burner with coal and put the cogs on their place. These operations can be done in any order.

  • Stabilizing the steam pressure. You should find yourself facing a console with six levers with roman numerals above and below them. The trick of stabilizing the steam pressure is to arrange the levers in an order that add up to 8 at the top and 8 at the bottom. A correct configuration to accomplish this is (from left to right): Down, down, up, up, up, down. The solution to this puzzle is hinted in the note "Elevator Machine Instructions".
  • Inserting the rods. The console has three holes and "Tractatio Fluxus" written above. After having gathered all three rods from the Study and Storage, the machinery can be powered from here using them. The Flow Cycle Rod found in the Study fits into the circle hole, the Trinity Stream Rod found in the Storage fits in the triangle hole and finally, the Four-phase Amplitude Rod found in the Storage fits into the square hole.
  • Repairing the machinery. Three cogwheels are missing from the machinery. Luckily, these can be found stowed away in different places in the Machine Room. The first wheel is found in the room where you insert the rods, on a small table in the corner. The second one is right in front of the door of the same room. The final one is in the machinery room, at the entry door's left. Once all three has been obtained, you just need to attach each wheel to the empty spuds on the machine, and they will fit in automatically.
  • Feeding the burner. In a small room adjescant to the one with the machine, pieces of coal can be found scattered all over the floor. To fuel up the machine, three of these will have to be added to the burner found at the side of the machine. Once enough coal has been added, a message will pop up telling you that the burner is full.

Once all above tasks have been completed, all that is left to do is to pull the lever on the machine. If you've done everything right, the machine should start, and the elevator will function properly. When leaving the Machine Room, the Shadow will invade this section of the castle.

Collectibles Edit

Tinderboxes Edit

  • Two tinderboxes can be found in a corner of the room with the levers - the first room to your right. One is on a box, and the other one is on the floor.(81 & 82)
  • Two more can be found in the room where you place the rods, in a chest close to the gear.(83 & 84)
  • One more can be found on a shelf in the room with all the coal.(85)

Oil Canisters and Barrels Edit

  • There is an oil barrel in the room where you find the coal.

Notes, Diary Entries, and Memory Capsules Edit

  • Daniel's Diary - Haunted - One part can be found in the room with the levers, another part can be found in the room where you insert the rods for the elevator machinery, and a third one is to the immediate right on a small table in the main room with the elevator machinery.
  • Machine Equipment Memo - Can be found in the room where you place the elevator rods.


  • As Daniel explores this area the Shadow can be heard roaring constantly in the distance.
  • Daniel kept the room locked and the key hidden in his own room, which nicely explains the lack of grunts here. It may be considered a reprieve after having to dodge multiple grunts in Storage.
  • The three control rods have hints in their names as to where they should be placed. The Flow Cycle rod goes in the circle hole, the Trinity rod goes in the triangle hole, and the Four-phase Amplitude rod goes in the square hole (a square having four sides).

Walkthrough Edit

Amnesia-Machine Room

Amnesia-Machine Room

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