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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
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"Please, call me M. Fournier."
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I've retaken control and ordered the men to form up in squads. They're to hunt the beast down and kill it. They tell me it's not possible. [...] Cowards. I've sent them back out now to do as they should. Hunt and kill it. If they fail, they'll face a worse fate than claws in the darkness.

Comdt. Fournier's situation report, July 18th, 1916

Commandant M. Fournier is a supporting character in Amnesia: The Bunker. He was a French officer stationed on the western front of the First World War.[1]


Early life[]

M. Fournier was born somewhere in France sometime during the 19th Century.[1] As an officer, a senior one at that, he was presumably already serving in the French Army at the outbreak of hostilities and was then sent to the front to help repel the advance of the German army. He held the rank of "Commandant," a senior-level commissioned officer rank, which in most European armies approximated to "Major."[note 1] At some point in time, he was put in command of the bunker.

Events preceding Amnesia: The Bunker[]

A spring of discontent[]

On May 2nd, Sgt. Joubert updated Fournier and Major Blanchet about how the Roman tunnel project was proceeding.[2] Joubert informed them that the engineers had discovered that the tunnels were deep, structurally sound, and strategically valuable, leading in the direction of the German lines.[2] Joubert also reported that there were Roman artifacts inside, and he suggested some be preserved for reasons of posterity.[2]

Fournier took up on Joubert's suggestion, and a week later, the officers presented Sdt. Alex Noyer, an amateur classicist, with some of the preserved Latin texts.[2][3] Noyer studied and translated the texts, discovering that they were not Roman in origin.[4] As while the language was Latin, it described things not present in Roman culture, things about esoteric religion and dark superstition.[4]

On May 13th, Noyer progressed in his translation, and confirmed that the texts were of a religious nature, discovering that the ancients held sadistic bacchanals, blood orgies, and fights within the tunnels’ confines.[5] They believed there was a dark Other World, in which horrible monsters roamed and people were tortured endlessly.[5] They also believed that in this world, a select few had achieved immortality with some substance, which they sought.[5] The next day, once Noyer learned that Sdt. Gaspar LaRue had seen things in the tunnels very similar to what happened in the texts, he decided that he had to warn the men about the tunnels.[6]

Noyer started telling everyone about what the texts contained, and then filed a report to Sgt. Joubert to warn the officers about the tunnels.[7] While the men, who had been experiencing nightmares and hallucinations, believed Noyer's claims, the officers did not.

On May 18th, Sgt. Reynard reported to Fournier and Major Blanchet that Noyer’s antics were no longer tolerable, he informed them that he would harshly punish LaRue, Noyer, and anyone who openly spoke about it.[8] Reynard then had the indolent classicist locked up in Major Sergeant Delpy’s cells for two days as punishment.[8]

An explosive mutiny[]

On June 6th, Fournier ordered Reynard to further his investigation into the tunnel sabotage, and believed that his assumption that the mutineers were the same people who spread rumours about the dark magic in the tunnels was correct.[9] He then ordered Reynard to use any means necessary to discover the perpetrators.[10]

By June 9th, four soldiers had confessed to Reynard that they were responsible for the tunnel sabotage, Engr. Ozanne Zabelle, Sdt. Gaspar LaRuhr, Sdt. 1st Class Johannes Nicolay, and even his personal friend, Jean Renoir.[11][12] The mutineers also confirmed that the now-missing Sdt. Toussaint Beaufoy was part of the plot, although Reynard suspected there were others involved.[12] The ill-tempered sergeant regarded the mutineers with contempt, calling them cowards and traitors. He also reported on the structural damage the explosion caused.[12]

On June 11th, the officers received permission to court martial all of the saboteurs.[13] Reynard and Delpy planned to throw them in a pit and let them die a slow death, but continued torturing them until at least June 14th.[14][15] Delpy also reported to Reynard that LaRue had given further details regarding the missing Toussaint Beaufoy, claiming that he had split from the other saboteurs and disappeared into the darkness.[16] This led Delpy to conclude that Beaufoy had either died in the blast or had since starved to death.[16]

The German prisoner[]

On June 30th, Maj. Sgt. Delpy sent a report to Fournier, Major Blanchet and the other officers about the outcome of the previous day’s raid, in which they captured 20 German soldiers from the IV Reserve Corps of the 2nd Army.[17] In the report, Delpy stated that their eight cells could not handle the new influx of prisoners, and recommended that most of them be shipped off to a POW camp as soon as possible; however, Delpy then wrote that one of the Germans, Prisoner #73014, had his marking of rank and insignia torn off, leaving his rank unknown.[17] Delpy opined that he should remain in their custody and be interrogated, due to the fact that he could be an officer or a VIP of some sort.[17] Fournier accepted his recommendations and ordered him and Sgt. Reynard to begin their interrogations.[18]

A death in the night[]

The night of July 12th, various soldiers for the first time began to hear scratching in the wall, which sounded utterly distinct from the familiar scratching of rodents, and later that night, unearthly howls were heard inside the barracks.[19][20][21] On July 13th, Major Blanchet ordered Sgt. Reynard to oversee nighttime security personally, as he had also heard someone moving around the halls the previous two nights.[22] Blanchet told Reynard to do whatever was necessary to prevent another bout of sabotage, even engage an emergency lockdown.[22]

During the night of July 14th, while on patrol, Reynard was horrifically murdered by Augustin Lambert, who was suffering a transformative episode as he slowly turned into the Beast.[23] Fournier immediately secured the area and had Dr. Josinski conduct an immediate autopsy.[24][25][26] Reynard's death was almost incomprehensibly sadistic; he suffered multiple injuries to every part of his body, his eyes were gouged out and his skull and jaw were cracked open, his tongue was ripped out and his ribs were all cracked, on top of the gruesome injuries, he also suffered numerous lacerations and blunt force trauma (i.e. beating).[24] Such was the brutality that after Josinski performed an autopsy on Reynard, he concluded that at least two men had to have done it.[24][27][28]

As a result of the sadistic murder, the already paranoid Fournier began a relentless investigation, terrified that the enlisted men were plotting to murder him.[23] He terrorized the men in his interrogations, even going so far as to accuse Prisoner #73014 of Reynard’s grisly demise.[23] Fournier then made arrangements to prepare Reynard’s mangled body for transport back to his family.[27]

The Beast[]

The few men who had seen Reynard's corpse gave their accounts to their compatriots, and the rumours about magic and darkness began spreading around the enlisted men yet again.[29] Sdt. Farber, the last surviving mutineer, began to believe that a demon from the tunnels had entered the bunker and that God had spared him from discovery and capture so that he could kill it.[29] On July 16th, Farber's suspicions were proven correct when a creature burst into the soldier's mess hall and tried to kill Sdt. Boisrond.[30] Farber jumped him front of his bunkmate and shot the beast until it retreated, the men rejoiced and thought it was dead; however, ten minutes later it came back into the room and killed Farber, dragging the man into the wall as he screamed for salvation.[30] Two days later on the 18th, the creature killed another soldier, Sdt. Tremblay.[31] With the third death the bunker fell into chaos, Fournier and the officers retook control and sent the enlisted men out in groups to hunt and kill off the beast.[31] The enlisted men tried to convince the officers that their weapons were only wounding it and staving it off for awhile.[31] But Fournier didn't believe the men and even instituted harsh punishments to those who failed.[31]

By July 20th, Fournier finally understood the reality of the situation and was overtaken by fear, the cowardly commandant went cowering to Sgt. Joubert.[32] Fournier suggested that they flee and seal off the bunker and keep the beast trapped inside.[32] However, Fournier also did not care about what happened to his men, and Joubert, while reluctant, was also overtaken with fear and helped Fournier with his plan.[32] Both of them, and possibly any of the other surviving officers, escaped the bunker and blew up the exit behind them.[32] This sealed the beast in and left their men to be slaughtered.[32]

Events of Amnesia: The Bunker[]

Sgt. Joubert, despite his cowardice, felt remorse for his actions and managed to wrangle the arsenal code from Fournier to radio it back to the men.[32] Since Fournier escaped the bunker, he is only referenced in notes, and his ultimate fate after transmitting the arsenal code to Joubert is unknown.



Fournier was a particularly unpleasant man. He was overly cruel and despotic even at the best of times; furthermore, he also delighted in humiliating and even torturing others when he had the opportunity to do so, even to his own men.[15] Fournier kept a personal collection of fingers in his cupboard, likely taken from punishing his own men. He tortured people so often, he kept a bloodied version of his uniform inside his quarters, neglecting to wash the blood off it as it was likely to get back on anyways.[citation needed] Due to these traits, he was widely hated by the enlisted men, even Sgt. Joubert disliked his commanding officer.[27][28] Fournier was as egotistical as he was hypocritical, ordering the men to kill something they claimed time and time again was unkillable and accusing them of being cowards for not sacrificing more men to take it down.[citation needed] Following the men's inability to do what the Major requested, Fournier cut his losses and ran from the bunker whilst blowing the exit shut behind him and Joubert, showing cowardice equal to what he accused his men of.[citation needed]

Fournier exhibited paranoia, pointing in every direction to whoever could've possibly committed the murder of Reynard.[citation needed] He even accused the German prisoner, who was not only locked in a jail cell reinforced with steel bars, but tied to a chair and blinded with a bag over his head, of sneaking out of his cell, committing the murder, and then reinserting himself back to the precise conditions he was left in inside his cell, including being tied hand and foot to the chair.[citation needed]

His irrationality led to his sanity shattering as he kept repeating the same phrase to his subordinate, Joubert, "Flee! Flee! We must flee and seal the beast where it belongs!", before ultimately abandoning his men in the bunker to be picked off one by one by the Beast.[citation needed] He showed some sympathy remaining in his sanity depleted mind, as he alerted his fellow officer to his plans of escape and allowed him to participate.[citation needed]


Fournier's appearance is unknown, as he is never seen in-person during Amnesia: The Bunker, and no photographs identify him. Given Fournier's high rank in the French Army, and general disposition shown through notes overall,[citation needed] it is likely he would be between 35-50 years of age.[speculation]


  • Fournier, aside from Sgt. Joubert, is the only officer confirmed to have escaped the bunker.[32] The fates of Major Blanchet, Maj. Sgt. Delpy, and Dr. Josinski are unknown, as they aren't mentioned to have been killed by the Beast and are also not confirmed to have fled with Fournier and Joubert.[32]
  • Fournier has a collection of severed fingers inside of his closet alongside several implements of torture.
  • There are chains attached to Fournier's bed, which also have numerous bloodstains on it.


  1. Fournier's exact rank is only stated in the German version of the lang file, he is referred to as "Maj. Fournier." Due to the fact there is no other evidence of a contradictory ranking, and since the other ranks had also been shifted to their German counterparts, Fournier's original rank is the French counterpart to the commissioned officer rank "Major," which is "Commandant."


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