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Lukas Ritter is a minor character in Amnesia: Rebirth and the husband of Eva Ritter. He was one of the expedition crewmembers and a passenger aboard the Cassandra.[3]


Early life[]

Lukas Ritter was a German man and the husband of Eva Ritter, who was a geologist.[2][4] As Triple Crown hired Eva for the expedition to French Sudan, Lukas came with her as a "package deal," i.e. they would go on the expedition together or not at all. He was denoted a "second gun," so he presumably would have worked as security and muscle for the expedition team.


Both Lukas and Eva were a package deal for the expedition, with Eva filling the more specialized role as the expedition’s geologist, and Lukas serving as a gun for security; however, Hank Mitchell was apprehensive about taking on a second gun with no experience in the French Sudan.[4][2] Considering the distance of the expedition away from Germany, and the potential dangers in the French Sudan, his concerns may have been thought reasonable, if inconvenient for Hank, if not Triple Crown as a whole.

Hank resolved to get the measure of Lukas while the expedition finished preparations in Algiers, although his fears were apparently alleviated after having a drink with him.[5] Lukas was also described by Hank as "quiet," an attribute which Hank supposed came from not having good English.[5] He does not speak in Amnesia: Rebirth, so to know anything more than nothing, Hank's opinion must be taken at face value.

Lukas and Eva traveled from Hamburg to Algiers, where the expedition was gathering to make final preparations before embarking. They were both aboard the Cassandra when it crashed in the Algerian desert. Eva and Lukas survived the initial crash, but the latter was severely injured, so Hank, Jonathan Webber, Leon De Vries, and Malick Tamboura worked quickly in the aftermath of the crash to get him out from under pieces of rubble, after which Dr. Metzier retrieved his case and worked quickly to stop Lukas' bleeding with bandages.[6] Dr. Metzier was successful in stabilizing Lukas, allowing him to be moved to the cave for shelter and recovery.[6]

Due to his injuries, he was left behind to rest in the caves alongside Salim Hannachi, who was also wounded, as well as Eva, who tended to both her husband and Salim. However, sometime after the rest of the crew left, Lukas succumbed to his injuries.[3] Distraught, Eva committed suicide soon after he was buried.[7]

During the Amnesia: Rebirth[]

His burial spot was in the caves beside Eva's corpse, a picture of Lukas lying upon it.


He and Eva’s inseparability was remarked on by at least one other. When Lukas died in the aftermath of the crash of the Cassandra, most likely of his wounds sustained therein, Eva was distraught and committed suicide by overdosing on laudanum.[7]


Lukas had blonde hair, light-coloured eyes, and appeared to be of a tall stature. He appeared to have been in good physical shape. His age is unknown, but accounting for the fact he was neither visibly middle-aged nor visibly youthful, as well as the physical requirements of a second gun, it can be reasonably estimated that he was somewhere in between 30 and 40 years old.



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