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Ludwig Kleist was a Prussian historian from the 18th century. He is a mentioned character in the short story "House of Gerich", from the Remember short story collection.


Herr Ludwig Kleist was the authority of Heritage, in which he investigated the fate of Wilhelm von Gerich.[1] Kleist believed that Wilhelm had been secretly hired by Baron Alexander von Brennenburg to help stop a rising tide of crimes in Altstadt.[3]

Kleist speculated that the agreement was most likely not sanctioned officially, and was of dubious legality; furthermore, he speculated that the sheriff from Königsberg charged with investigating the endeavors put an end to Wilhelm’s unofficial agreement, but allowed him to leave unpunished.[4]

Events of House of Gerich[]

Klaas Gottschall tells the magistrate in Altstadt that Kleist had done the most thorough work in determining the fate of Wilhelm and the House of Gerich.[1] Klaas enjoyed reading Heritage, but believed that Kleist was too liberal in his speculations.[5]


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