Lucien Racine is the father of Aloïs Racine and a minor character in Amnesia: Justine.


Not much is known about Lucien. He was born in France in an unknown year. and later married a woman and had a son, Aloïs Racine. Lucien, worried that his son had been neglecting his family life and his sports career, took measures to remove him from the presence of Justine Florbelle. Worried, Lucien hires agent Felix Marot to investigate the Florbelle Estate and shed some light into his son's whereabouts and find a cure for Justine. Justine captures him and leaves him at mercy in the Cabinet of Perturbation with the three suitors, Malo de Vigny, Basile Giroux, and Aloïs Racine.


  • Felix Marot was his employer and who enlisted the help of Dr. Victor Fournier and Father Hector David as well to help find the legal way to reveal her madness and incarcerate her right away.
  • He is never seen in person or appears in the game, but is mentioned by a note called "A New Plan" which can be found in an empty cell on the first level of the game.
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