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Lucien Racine is an unseen minor character in Amnesia: Justine. He was the father of Aloïs Racine.[1]


Very little is known about Lucien Racine, however, he was presumably born in France into an aristocratic family in the late 18th to early 19th Century. After reaching adulthood, he married and had at least one son, Aloïs.[1]

At some point in time, likely at an aristocratic social engagement, Aloïs met the illustrious Justine Florbelle and became utterly smitten with her.[1] As a result he abandoned his familial duties and his fledgling career in order to court her.[1]

Lucien then took measures to remove him from the thrall of the Mademoiselle.[1] At first he tried to go through the authorities at Calais, however, they refused his request due to no evidence of a crime and Justine’s social status and influence as an aristocrat.[2]

After this failure, Lucien hired a policeman and a psychiatrist, Inspector Felix Marot and Dr. Victor Fournier respectively, to help him with a more unsavory plot.[3] The plan was to have Dr. Fournier diagnose Justine as a "hysteric," after which Inspector Marot would arrest and incarcerate her, removing Aloïs from her poisonous influence.[4] However, Justine discovered the plot and captured both Inspector Marot and Dr. Fournier before they could move against her.


  • Lucien Racine is never seen in person or appears in the game, but is mentioned in a note called "A New Plan," which can be found in an empty cell on the first level of the game.


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