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Luciano of Ravenna was an explorer whose writings were found at Al-Mamaru Fort in the Algerian desert.[1] He is a mentioned character in Amnesia: Rebirth.


Luciano of Ravenna was an explorer who traveled the Algerian desert and recorded and compiled local folklore. It is plausible that he visited Al-Mamaru Fortress during his travels and left his recorded notes there.


Early life[]

Almost nothing is known about Luciano of Ravenna’s early life. From his name, it can be presumed that he was either born or grew up in Ravenna, a city founded in the antiquity, located in modern-day north Italy.[1]

Writings on Creatures of the Desert[]

Luciano compiled a list of “djinn,” describing their characteristics and how to combat them.[1][2][3][4] The first of these was the “Ifrit,” described:

...a djinni of fire and flame, a vengeance called upon a murderer, implacable, unstoppable, the death of cities. It rises from desolation, from broken lands, and its sign is a shining light. It scents the vitality of its victim and seizes them with its burning eye until all life is drained.

The description of it’s characteristics is nearly identical to the those of the Wraiths. It is unclear if a Wraith somehow traveled to Earth through a random rift or if someone traveled to the Other World, saw one, and spread stories. 

The second djinn listed was the “Ghûl,” described:

...a thing of fear, of trickery and shadow, dwelling in the deep places of the world. When it scents human flesh, it digs through the sand to the world above to snare the unwary traveller. It is tricksy, speaking with the voice of men, leading its victims into the harsh places, there to slaughter, devour, and drink their blood.

This description matches the characteristics of the Otherwordly Harvesters almost perfectly. This suggests the Harvesters had troubled the local tribes for generations to the point where they became part of their cautionary folklore. 

The third djinn listed was the “Hatif,” described:

...a djinni of calling, the voice alone in the desert; the cry of one bereft and in need of aid. Yet this voice is bodiless and unfleshed, spun of air and dreams; it assails the weary and the beleaguered, luring them from their path and into the wilderness. There they may search in vain, lost and thirsty, until they are bone and dust.

There is not a corresponding creature from the Other World that matches this description, at least not one encountered by Tasi Trianon. One might argue that the text was meant to explain Sand Lurker[speculation], a cut creature from the final game.

The fourth and final djinn Luciano mentioned was the “Ashen Mother,” described:

...a djinni of healing, of succour in the wilderness. She is wild and capricious; she cannot be summoned, but if her sympathy is roused she may choose to bestow her favour, giving of her body to quench the thirst of the dying, and guiding those who wander in the soft places.

The description of the Ashen Mother matches the characteristics of Empress Tihana very closely.


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