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This is a list of the loading screens that appear when exploring the different areas of the Cabinet of Perturbation in Amnesia: Justine.


Scattered Debris 1

Loading screen that shows up when entering the Library.

The basement had been extended well beyond the manor during the time of the first revolution. Justine was not to enter without permission, but now there was no one left to ask.

The gloomy place downstairs became a playground – a mysterious place for Justine to discover with her friends.

The downstairs library still reminded her of father. All those hours spend [sic] there had fostered a sense of shelter.


Scattered Debris 2

Loading screen that shows up when entering the Dungeon.

They knew that they would have to capture the men, but what to ultimately do with them, was a decision that had to be postponed.

Abacinating the suitors had not been a part of the original plan, but she liked the added excitement.

Justine was not a person who would go about planning. The Cabinet came about as her whimsy collided with other people's misfortune.


Scattered Debris 3

Loading screen that shows up when entering the Crypt.

Could it be that she was not herself anymore, she thought. It was time to find out.

Justine had overdosed on Lithium before and had a pretty good idea of what effects to expect.

When she first imagined the cabinet, it was for her amusement, but since it had grown into something more important – an opportunity to reveal her most suppressed desires.