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Lillibeth "Lily" Mandus is a mentioned character in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. She was the wife of Oswald Mandus and the mother of their twin children, Edwin and Enoch. She is deceased as of A Machine for Pigs and is mentioned throughout, though little of her personality is told, except through the lens of Mandus's memories and his mourning.


Lillibeth (Lily) Mandus

Photograph in the bathtub of a nude woman, thought to be Lily Mandus herself, found near the one-way mirror to the bathroom, in Oswald's Mansion.

Lily died from childbirth, living only long enough to meet the first twin, and was subsequently buried by her husband, Oswald Mandus.

Her death is implied to have "caused a crack in Oswald's soul," as he both loved and hated the twins so greatly for killing her. He believed this gave birth to the "egg of his soul," as The Engineer says.[citation needed]

Mandus sometimes addressed his notes to her and voices the desire to resurrect Lily using alchemy, but also acknowledges it is too late for that.



I held your hand and watched the blood pool between your legs. You lived long enough to see Edwin, but not Enoch. I will take care of them my love, I promise you this.

Loading Screens[]


Poem of dear Lily

In Lily's Honor, A Banquet[]

Four glassy orbs fixed upon a point in heaven. Wipe down your trousers, man, there is blood in this sweat and it is most unseemly. Lillibeth "Lily" Mandus. Interred here on 26th September 1890. The angels weep you to the glory, your teeth sold for the dollies of the poor. We will fasten that great mouth down over the chimney and inhale the world and suck the fairies and the nonsense clean from your dirty heart.

From Tide To Spine[]

A skin of a shroud, a stump of the bled Old Lily is flyblown, old Lily is dead and dream of the jungle will flood through her head and light up her head.

Livestock and Bibles[]

Lily, dancing. Lily dancing on the table, her eyes aflame. This love burnt into his heart. His heart scarred from the heat of this love, of his love dancing.


November 7th, 1898[]

The bank is refusing credit, the ignorant swine. I sit alone at night and weep, once the children and servants are safely asleep, when they cannot hear me. My darling, how I need you now. They say I have squandered my fortune, that my investment in these latest machines has ruined the family name. What? That I was to remain a local butcher? What are these two arms compared to the multitude that can be applied, without pay, without tire, by adapting the mechanisms we find in the looms and the mills. But, if the bank has its way, it will all come to nothing. If they come for the house I swear I will kill them. I will kill them all. I will take my rifle... my rifle...

The Weeping Rooms[]

Where once we sat to weep Lily's passing, under weapons that cannot slay the angels to retrieve her from heaven. Look beyond the paintings, Oswald, where once you watched her bathe. The children must have discovered those secret places and taken refuge there.

On Bears and Bathtubs[]

And after the party, she took my arm and said "but darling, however did you get from the trophy room to the guest bathroom so quickly? Everyone considers you quite the magician!" My darling Lillibeth, my father's house has many rooms, and as for mine...well, it also has its secret chambers.

August 19th, 1899[]

Von Reichenbach writes of the Odic Force, whilst that ignorant charlatan Blavatsky pontificated upon the soul. They are both cretins. To think one could strive for such great heights without wading first through puke and innard, without standing upon an architecture of bones! Montezuma was the wiser. But here, in our temples of steel, I have witnessed the severed head of a man, recently trampled to death by a runaway carriage, immersed in a solution of the Brennenburg compound open his eyes, and cry "Oh where are my legs Sir? Where is my body?" We are breaking through the barriers of death itself. Oh my dead darling Lily, it is too late for you, but I promise you this: I will save our children from death and, if need be, I will wrench them back from the blackness with this wonderful concoction!


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