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The lighter is a tool item in Amnesia: The Bunker. It is used to provide a source of personal lighting for the player, though it is quite dim in comparison to other light options, like the Flashlight. It can also ignite fires and is required in order to use the Petrol Bombs. The lighter requires no Fuel to use and does not degrade through use or have durability like the Torch.



  • The lighter seems to primarily be based loosely on a wind-proof lighter design, put into production originally by Julius Meister & Co. (often abbreviated IMCO), then manufactured afterwards by the Bowers Lighter Company.[3]
    • This design was first patented in 1926, by Hans Silberknopf, in Austria.[3] This, unfortunately, renders it an anachronistic item in Amnesia: The Bunker.
  • During operation, the round cap on top should rotate off and the outer sleeve should slide up when the lighter is ignited. This enables the striker to spark close to the wick and ignite it. The sleeve protects the base of the flame from wind, but allows airflow into the fire. When the sleeve is pulled down, the cap rotates and covers the wick, extinguishing it.[4]


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