"Father used to say, there were no right answers. Have the light guide you."

The Library is the second area in the Cabinet of Perturbation, found in Amnesia: Justine. Basile and the second hostage, Father David, can be found here.


The library contains a main room with five side chambers, one in which is the area's hostage, Father David. The fifth room, which is opposite the area's entrance, contains a projector. Four slides and numerous notes are found in this area, along with a boarded-up door which apparently conceals a Suitor (likely Basile). The room containing the hostage also features pictures of Justine and her parents.

The puzzle in this room involves using the four slides with the projector and "Puzzle Lock" to open a hidden passage. Failing to do so will result in Father David being ripped apart.

After completing the puzzle, the player will descend into a dark underground room where he or she will encounter Basile. The dungeon and tunnels are accessed from the library, though the door to the tunnels is jammed.

Each slide found in each room has a different picture of a man: the one with open arms, the one who's kneeling, the one with the sword, and the one being blessed.

Collectables Edit

Tinderboxes Edit

  • Two tinderboxes can be found in the first room to your right as you enter the library.(1 & 2)
  • Another two can be found in the room on the opposite side of the one described above.(3 & 4)
  • The fifth and final tinderbox can be found in the room opposite of the room where Father David is trapped.(5)

Notes Edit

  • Results - This note can be found in the first room to your right.
  • Herbert's Letter - This note can be found in a bookshelf on the right side of the same room as the previous note. It can be a little tricky to spot.
  • Soul Journal Entries - This note can be found in a table in the second room to the right, the room with the captured priest.
  • Shipment Slip - Entering the room at the end of the hallway in the library and then taking a right and heading straight you will find yourself at a bookshelf. One of the books in this bookcase can be removed to reveal this note behind it. Finding this note will unlock the "Still Alive" Gold Trophy in the PS4 version of the game, as well as slightly altering the dialogue between Justine and Clarice at the end of the game.

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