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In-game description

Leyden Jars are items in Amnesia: Rebirth. They are found in the Other World by Tasi Trianon here and there. They were used as energy sources for many things, like the portal or doors, and extending lives of Other Worldly people (as seen from Empress Tihana and Kita). They contain the Vitae of the victims (also known as "aetheric fluid").

Before the events of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Prof. Herbert studied them and initially, he wasn't sure about what the "energetic fluid" in jars was.[1] He was aware that it was the power source but he couldn't understand what it was.[1] Eventually, he realized it was the "vitae" that Alexander had talked about before.[2]


  • 1 leyden jar seems to be granting Other Wordly people more than a century of life. Amnesia: Rebirth is known set 98 years after Amnesia: The Dark Descent and The Other World had already been destroyed by Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is also known that Kita attached himself to one of these immediately after the destruction.[3] Hence, leyden jar had been elongating Kita's life for at least 98 years when Tasi found him during Amnesia: Rebirth. There was still considerable amount of vitae left when she took the leyden jar.