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This is a page containing all quotes for Leon De Vries.

Real-time dialogue[]

This is for all Leon dialogue that takes place in real-time during Amnesia: Rebirth.
For all Leon's face-to-face dialogue, he is a Ghoul.

The Hunting Grounds[]

Prior to first encounter[]

  • « Ek verstaan nie… Ek weet nie… »
    • (Afrikaans: "I don’t understand… I do not know…")
  • « Honger...altyd honger... »
    • (Afrikaans: "Hungry...always hungry...")
  • « Wie’s daar? »
    • (Afrikaans: "Who’s there?")
  • « Los my alleen… »
    • (Afrikaans: "Leave me alone…")
  • « Los my alleen! »
    • (Afrikaans: "Leave me alone!")
  • « Honger... »
    • (Afrikaans: "Hungry...")
  • «Ek kan jou ruik... »
    • (Afrikaans: "I can smell you...")
  • « Ek kan jou proe… »
    • (Afrikaans: "I can taste you...")
  • « Hardloop nie… »
    • (Afrikaans: "Don’t run…")
  • « Hardloop nie! »
    • (Afrikaans: "Don’t run!")
  • « Waar is… »
    • (Afrikaans: "Where is…")
  • « Vind… vind jou… »
    • (Afrikaans: "Find… find you…")
  • « …nie hier nie… »
    • (Afrikaans: "…Not here…")
  • « …smaak goed… »
    • (Afrikaans: "…taste good…")

First encounter[]

  • « Ek het jou - jy es myne! »
    • (Afrikaans: "I have you - you're mine!")
    • Note: There is an error in the subtitles — it should be "jy is myne"
  • « Jy es myne! »
    • (Afrikaans: "You're mine!")
    • Note: There is an error in the subtitles — it should be "Jy is myne"
  • « Wie? »
    • (Afrikaans: "Who?")
  • « Tasi? »
  • « You... Tasi Trianon... »
  • « How! How can you live!? »

Labyrinth Hunt[]

« How can you live? »
« It knew me, it knew me… »
« I've been dreaming of you... of Mitchell... of the Doc... »
« I've been hunger. Made of hunger. »
« I've been here, in the dark, in the blood, made of hunger. Where were you? »
« Where were you? We lost you... I lost them all... »
« Her face. We saw her face. Your fault. »
« Lost them all in the broken place. Her place. »
« Dreaming of her. Of that face, that mask, the vines... »
« Saved us. Saved us. Damned us. »
« Leave me alone! »
« Back off, girly... »
« No, no closer... »
« Leave me be… »
« Don't push me! »
« *sniff* Tasi. Lilacs and sweat and stink of dark meat. I know you. »
« You’re so bright, so fucking bright, brighter than the other filth. »
« Why've you not changed? »
« But then, that’s you. Shit don’t stick… you and your filthy lover… »
« You fouled yourself… and now we’re being punished for your sins! »
« You couldn’t do it, could you? All for your half-breed bastard! »
« I'll make you what you're meant to be. »
« You don't deserve a real life. Neither one of you! »
« What? What are you doing? You think you'll escape? »
« Come out, little puss-puss. I'll smear you in the shit. »
« You broke the world… Tasi Trianon. »
« Saved us... saved us... damned us! »
« Run, girl! Run! I smell you! I taste you! »
« Run! I'm going to rip his tainted seed out through your fucking belly! »
The various ramblings and taunts Leon makes to Tasi as he simultaneously tries to hold himself back and hunt her in the labyrinth.

First Escape[]

« Run, then, girly! No way out. I'll wait for you... »
« I can wait. How much time do you have? »
« Tasi! »
Leon taunting Tasi as she escapes the labyrinth.

Second Encounter at the bloody pool.[]

Leon Taunts Tasi[]
« *laughter* »
« Ahh… thought you’d escaped me, puss-puss? »
« What can I do, she asks? How can I escape? »
« There is no escape, Tasi Trianon. »
« Maybe it’s already too late. Or maybe I could end it… but why should I? »
« You brought us to this. You made us this. I won’t let it on be easy on you… »
« I can smell the taint in you… I can see the change your eyes… »
« It won’t take long now. »
« Then we’ll be the same… »
« Together, hey, Tasi. How does that sound? »
« We can play happy families till the world fucking ends! »
Leon taunting Tasi in the bloody pool as she tries to escape.
The Second Ambush[]
« No, no you don’t! »
« No! »
« Na, na puss-puss! »
« There’s nowhere to go! Mine now! »
« Bastard! Get off me! »
« *Scream of pain* »
« Fuck! You stupid shitting little girl! You’re fucking dead! »
« No, no, no… don’t you fucking leave me! »
« Tasi! Please! »
Leon trying to capture Tasi as she flees through the still-moving shredder, which results in his right arm being ripped off.
Leon Begging[]
« No... »
« Tasi! »
« Don't leave me! »
« I’m not who I should be! »
« Save me! »« I’m sorry! »
Leon begs Tasi to help him after she escapes.


This is for all Leon's voiced lines that are placed in the past during Amnesia: Rebirth, i.e. flashbacks.
For all Leon's dialogue in flashbacks, he is a Human.

The Cassandra (level)[]

After crash[]

« Oh Christ and his little angels, we are fucked here. »
Leon expressing his pessimism early on.

Kel Hanan stash[]

« But it's good! Isn't it? People have been here! »
« So we'll be shot or sold instead of dying of thirst, hey girly? »
« Leon.. »
« What? No point getting her hopes up. We're in the shit. »
Leon belittling an optimistic Yasmin.

The Desert Path[]

Outpost gate[]

« It's not the friendliest of places... »
« Count your lucky stars, old chap! We could have come down in the middle of nowhere. »
« Don't worry, Jonathan. Supplies, water, a map - there'll be something, even if there's no-one home. »
« Locals will have gutted the place. Bet you. »
Leon expressing his negative views of the local tribes.

The Fortress Courtyard[]


« Locals here got uppity. Viva la bloody revolution, eh? »
Leon prematurely attributes the deaths of Al-Mamaru Fort's previous inhabitants to the native tribes.

The Oasis[]

Oasis shrine[]

« »
« Christ almighty... »
« Don't go near it! Tasi! »
« ...follow... »
« »
« I think... I think she's trying to help us? »
« Oh my god oh my god oh my god... »
« No god. It's a fucking devil, is what it is. »
Leon expressing pessimism about the intent of the apparition before them.

The Hunting Grounds[]


« This? Oh - it used to belong to my father. »
« He always said it brought him good luck. I think it's done pretty well for me so far, eh? »
« You're Anastasie, right? I'm Leon De Vries. I'm planning this dig for Mitchell. »
« Tasi. And this is Salim. My husband. »
« Right. I see. »
Leon meeting Tasi Trianon, whom he has an attraction towards. He uncharacteristically acts cordially until she mentions that she is in an interracial marriage with Salim Hannachi.


This is for all Leon lines in writing from Amnesia: Rebirth, i.e. from notes and such.

Leon's Note (1)[]

Found at the beginning of The Catacombs.

Losing it. Couldn't even get my name just now. Writing it down. Leon. It's Leon. Leon De Vries. From Cape Town. Father Charles. Mother Ilsa.

Gold mining job. Putting in machines. Upping the yield. Streamlined, efficient, making the lazy bastards work for a change.

Crashed in the desert. Bunch of upper class pielkops. Fuckin crazy shit. There was a ghost. I think there was a ghost. Maybe dreaming it. A broken face, split in two. Vines, vines everywhere.

That fuckin French bitch Tasi. She only had to do one fuckin thing.

Her fault. Her fault I'm losing it. She killed us all.

Leon's Note (2)[]

Found in the Ghoul Nest in The Catacombs.

Blacked out just now. Woke up in a pit. Eyes everywhere, staring at me, in the dark. Nearly shat myself. Got away, crawled, got in here.

Shit-scared, heart pounding. Stuff around my eyes, inside my head, like wires or tentacles. Grows when I'm afraid, or when I think about what she did. Skin is fuckin awful. Changing. Seen this before. The change. HE changed, right in front of us.

Then we were in the desert. Doc, hostess, piece-of-shit-Tasi. Don't remember after that. The fuck is this place? Why did they leave me here?

Leon's Note (3)[]

Found shortly after the Ghoul Nest in The Catacombs.

Full of fuckin monsters! Everywhere. Scraping through the ruins. Sniffing. Hunting. Trying not to lose it, trying not to lose it, but I'm so fuckin scared, of them, of me.

Too scared. Keep blacking out, waking up where I shouldn't be. Don't remember where.

So hungry. I was gnawing on a fuckin bone when I woke up. A fuckin bone!


Leon's Note (4)[]

Found shortly after the Ghoul Nest in The Catacombs.

I know them now. Not monsters. Just sleeping, waiting. Hunters. Like me. Just like me. Changed. Stronger. So much stronger. Hungry like you wouldn't know.

She did it. She did it. I wish I'd ripped her belly open and pulled the thing out.