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Yeah, well, Leon... a real ray of sunshine, huh?

Hank Mitchell's opinion regarding the mercurial mining supervisor

Leon De Vries is a major character and a supporting antagonist in Amnesia: Rebirth. He was a South African mining supervisor who was present on the ill-fated Sadiola expedition to the French Sudan in early March, 1937.[1][6] A particularly rude and unpleasant man, Leon was almost universally disliked by the rest of the expedition's members.[7] He is voiced by Dutch-Australian actor Anthony Ingruber.[5]


Losing it. Couldn't even get my name just now. Writin it down. Leon. It's Leon. Leon De Vries. From Cape Town. Father Charles. Mother Ilsa.

Leon De Vries, March 1937[src]

Early life[]

Very little is known about Leon De Vries’ early life, apart from that he was born and raised in Cape Town, British South Africa to Charles and Ilsa De Vries.[2] Leon’s parents were from an Afrikaner ethnic background, and he grew up speaking Afrikaans as his first language. It is implied he holds a disdain for the upper classes, which may indicate that he was born impoverished.[8] It is very plausible that such an upbringing influenced his pessimistic and unpleasant attitude in adulthood.

At some point in his life, and like many working-class Afrikaners, Leon got involved in the mining industry and became a mining supervisor.[1] He worked on three of the Evander mining projects, possibly for the mining company Macfadzean and West.[1]

Sadiola Expedition[]

In early 1937, Leon was hired by the newly-formed Triple Crown Mining Co. for a colonial expedition to refit and expand a gold mine in the French Sudan.[1] The expedition‘s leader James Henry Mitchell asked around about him, and the initial opinion he formed regarding Leon was neutral if wary despite his recommendation from Macfadzean and West, as a former M&W employee named Phoebe told Hank she wouldn’t invite him to dinner.[1] Since Phoebe had a reputation for liking everyone, Hank took this as a sign Leon would be difficult to manage within the group.[1] Hank also noted that Leon wanted to do some hunting while at the mine, which he was fine with so long as city didn't interfere with the work.[1]

After finally meeting him, Hank joked about his pessimistic and rude personality with Tasi Trianon, calling him “a real ray of sunshine.”[3]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]


As the scheduled date for the Triple Crown Mining Co. Sadiola Expedition approached, Leon travelled from Witwatersrand, South Africa to rendezvous in Algiers with the other expedition members.[1] As the group prepared for the flight to Kayes, Leon animatedly spoke to the expedition’s Swiss physician, Dr. Anton Metzier, as the man prepared his medical case. The expedition’s French engineering drafter, Tasi Trianon, sketched this conversation, with the facial expression on Metzier’s face implying he wasn’t very interested in what Leon was saying.

This? Oh - it used to belong to my father. He always said it brought him good luck. I think it's done pretty well for me so far, eh? You're Anastasie, right? I'm Leon De Vries. I'm planning this dig for Mitchell.

Leon De Vries, March 3rd, 1937[src]

Leon later met Tasi on the expedition’s airplane, the Cassandra, before the flight to Kayes began. In contrast with his usual demeanor, he introduced himself politely and cheerfully told Tasi about how he acquired his lion-claw pendant when she asked about it.[9] However, his unusual change in demeanor was short lived, as once Tasi introduced her Algerian husband, Salim Hannachi, to Leon he immediately started treating her coldly.[9]

Leon was among the survivors of the crash of the Cassandra.[6] He survived unscathed, although he was extremely pessimistic about the expedition’s chances for survival. Both Leon and Jonathan Webber helped Hank and Malick Tamboura lift wreckage off of the wounded Lukas Ritter in the immediate aftermath. The expedition then trekked to a cave entrance where they sought shelter. Yasmin Chabani then discovered desert artifacts near the cave entrance that proved people had visited the area, Leon first insinuated that they would kill or enslave the expedition, after which he belittled her, leading Tasi to admonish him.[10]

Leon was part of the group of able-bodied survivors that left the caves in search for help.[11] since both the second and third gun hands (Lukas Ritter and Salim) were wounded and left to rest in the cave, Leon took one of their rifles.[11] Upon reaching Al-Mamaru Fort, Leon commented on how the locals would likely have looted the place. Upon seeing the graves of Legionnaires Desrosiers and Duguay, he insinuated that they were killed in combat by the locals.[12] Leon, along with the rest of the group, fled the fort after Jonathan Webber and Hank were respectively killed and mortally wounded by a desert creature. During their trek, Leon told the rest of the group to leave the wounded Hank behind to die, due to him being a liability to the expedition’s chances of reaching help—a sentiment which Tasi vehemently opposed.[13]

Leon was among the six members of the expedition to travel to the Other World and ingest the Harvester toxin.[14][15][16] It is very likely he tried to persuade Tasi to give up her unborn child to the Empress.

Soon after, Hank succumbed to a transformative episode, turning into a Ghoul and killing Malick Tamboura. Leon, Tasi, Yasmin, and Dr. Metzier all escaped back to Earth. Sometime after which Leon's own transformation into a harvester progressed, Dr. Metzier gave him laudanum to help counteract this change.[4] But it is implied that he was either abandoned by Dr. Metzier and Yasmin or that he left them during a transformation episode.[17]

Shit-scared, heart pounding. Stuff around my eyes, inside my head, like wires or tentacles. Grows when I'm afraid, or when I think about what she did. Skin is fuckin awful. Changing. Seen this before. The change. HE changed, right in front of us. Then we were in the desert. Doc, hostess, piece-of-shit-Tasi. Don't remember after that. The fuck is this place? Why did they leave me here?

Leon De Vries, March 1937[src]

After his separation from the others. Leon suffered a transformative episode and sought out a dark space to nest in, finding himself in an Otherworlder outpost filled with Ghouls, the resulting terror of being around them accelerated his transformation.[18] It is possible, although unlikely, that he ran back into Richard Fairchild and Alex Sterling, as they were also in the same complex at the time. As such it is possible he is responsible for mauling and killing Sterling. His position near Sterling’s corpse may be evidence to that supposition. However, Leon does not mention Sterling at all to Tasi, although it is possible that the transforming Leon forgot about killing Sterling due to his fluctuating mental state or that he simply saw no reason to mention it. Richard also makes no direct mention of seeing Leon at all when Tasi goes to rescue him.

During the game[]

I know them now. Not monsters. Just sleeping, waiting. Hunters. Like me. Changed. Stronger. So much stronger. Hungry like you wouldn't know. I wish I'd ripped her belly open and pulled the thing out!

Leon De Vries, March 1937[src]

In the Hunting Grounds, Tasi Trianon heard a mostly-transformed Leon, muttering to himself in Afrikaans as he crawled around in the ghoul crawlspaces. He noticed Tasi and began tracking her. Once she entered the maze, he exited the tunnels and caught sight of Tasi, grabbing her; however, Leon then recognized her. Either out of self-restraint or sheer surprise, he dropped her and retreated into the darkness.

He still retained memories of the expedition, especially that of Tasi. Despite holding extreme anger towards her for her choice, he nevertheless tried to use what was left of his self-control to keep himself from harming her, repeatedly hitting his head on a stone block. However, he was ultimately still hostile towards her, and even threatened to murder her unborn child. Leon eventually caught up to Tasi at the pool of red liquid, but as he tried to grab her, his right arm was ripped off by the shredder. As Tasi fell down the shaft, what was left of Leon's original self begged her to stay and help him.

By the end of Amnesia: Rebirth, Leon is the last confirmed surviving member of the expedition besides Tasi and, in the case of her death in the Iconoclast ending, the last confirmed surviving member of the expedition overall. Since Leon himself implies that Harvesters become nigh-immortal should the transformation reach a certain stage, it is unclear if the deaths of all four of the other expedition members who ingested the Harvester liquid were permanent, and so some of them may share Leon's ultimate fate.[19]



Leon had blonde hair, dark grey eyes, and appears to have been very tall. His exact age is unknown, but his long experience as a mining supervisor, lack of visible signs of aging or youthfulness, and healthy physical state would suggest Leon is somewhere between 35 to 45 years old. By the time Tasi Trianon runs into him, he is in an advanced stage of the Harvester transformation. Due to this, his eyes turned red, his teeth shredded his cheeks, and he grew to monstrous proportions.


As a human, Leon wore a white dress shirt, grey pants, and a watch. As a ghoul, Leon lost his shoes, and his clothes had been torn to shreds. He also appears to have lost his father’s lion claw pendant.


As a Human[]

Leon De Vries was a particularly unpleasant man, he was overly pessimistic, misanthropic, and rude even at the best of times; furthermore, he was also openly misogynistic and racist. Due to these traits, he was widely disliked by the rest of the expedition, even getting on the nerves of the unflappable Malick and amiable Rachael, who are both said to be at the limits of their patience with him.[7][1] Hank related that even Phoebe, a former coworker of Leon’s who "likes everyone," also said she "wouldn't invite him to dinner,"[1] a case of damning by faint praise. Amazingly, Yasmin demonstrated her talent as a hostess by handling his rough, antisocial personality flawlessly.[20]

There are two confirmed times he attempted to act with any sort of decorum, the first being when he talked to Dr. Anton Metzier during their departure, and the second time was when he met Tasi, likely due to his attraction to her. His break in personality was short-lived however, as when Tasi introduced Salim, with whom she had an unofficial and interracial marriage, he dropped the pretense of nicety and treated them both with his usual contempt.[9]

He is heavily implied to get on the nerves of Tasi, Malick, Hank, as well as other members of the expedition for his open bigotry and general personality.[7][3][9][10] Leon also repeatedly dismissed the locals (the Berber Tuareg people) as savages who’d shoot or sell the expedition into slavery, and further expressed his dislike for “uppity” natives on numerous occasions.

As a Ghoul[]

By the time Tasi runs into Leon again, he is in the advanced stages of the Harvester transformation, his mental state was quickly devolving into that of the more predatory and animalistic traits that characterize fully-transformed Ghouls. Leon's worst traits were amplified by the transformation, although he still tried to hold back for a time until he gave into his urges and began earnestly hunting her down, blaming her for their shared condition.


As a Human[]

  • « Oh Christ and his little angels, we are fucked here. »
  • « Locals here got uppity. Viva la bloody revolution, eh? »
  • « No god. It's a fucking devil, is what it is. »
  • «This? Oh - it used to belong to my father. »
    «He always said it brought him good luck. I think it's done pretty well for me so far, eh? »
Early stages of transformation,
  • « That fuckin French bitch Tasi. She only had to do one fuckin thing. »
  • « Her fault. Her fault I'm losing it. She killed us all. »
Final stages of transformation.
  • « Full of fuckin monsters! Everywhere. Scraping through the ruins. Sniffing. Hunting. »
  • « So hungry. I was gnawing on a fuckin bone when I woke up. A fuckin bone! »
  • « LEON. IT'S. LEON. Remember. »
  • « I know them now. Not monsters. Just sleeping, waiting. Hunters. Like me. »
  • « Changed. Stronger. So much stronger. Hungry like you wouldn't know. »
  • « I wish I'd ripped her belly open and pulled the thing out. »

As a Ghoul[]

First encounter in the Hunting Grounds.
  • « Honger...altyd honger... »
    • (Afrikaans: "Hungry...always hungry...")
  • « Ek kan jou ruik... »
    • (Afrikaans: "I can smell you...")
  • « Ek het jou - jy es myne! Jy es myne! »
    • (Afrikaans: "I have you - you're mine! You're mine!")
  • « How! How can you live!? »
When hunting Tasi through the Labyrinth.
  • « I've been here, in the dark, in the blood, made of hunger. Where were you? »
  • [sniffing] «Tasi. Lilacs and sweat and stink of dark meat. I know you. »
  • «Wait, what are you doing? You think you'll escape? »
  • « Why've you not changed? »
  • « You couldn't do it, could you? All for your half-breed bastard! »
  • « You broke the world, Tasi Trianon! »
  • « You fouled yourself, and we're punished for your sins. »
  • « Run, girl! Run! I smell you, I taste you! »
  • « Run! I'm going to rip his tainted seed out through your fucking belly! »
When Tasi escapes the Hunting Grounds.
  • « Run, then, girly! No way out. I'll wait for you... »
  • « I can wait. How much time do you have? »
When ambushing Tasi for the second time.
  • « There's nowhere to go! Mine now! »
  • « Fuck! You stupid shitting little girl! You're fucking dead! »
  • « No, no, no... don't fucking leave me! »
When Tasi escapes the second ambush.
  • « Tasi, please! »
  • « I'm sorry! »
  • « I'm not who I should be! »


  • As a Harvester, Leon is first heard speaking Afrikaans.
  • There is a small error in the Afrikaans subtitles. The quote "Jy es myne!" should be "Jy is myne!"[21][22]
  • In his early concept art, Leon had greying dark hair, stubble, and deep scars across his face and upper chest.
  • Leon was most likely an Afrikaner nationalist, as he owned a book, Nasionalisme as lewensbeskouing en sy verhouding tot internasionalisme, on the importance of nationalism by Nicolaas Johannes Diederichs, an Afrikaner nationalist, intellectual, and politician who later would serve as the 3rd State President of South Africa from 1975 to 1978.[23]
  • By the end of Amnesia: Rebirth, Leon is the last confirmed surviving member of the expedition besides Tasi Trianon, and, in the case of her death in the Iconoclast ending, the last confirmed surviving member of the expedition overall.



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