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For similar items from other games in the Amnesia series, see Lantern (disambiguation).

Another way to keep out of the dark is by using the lantern. This item is found early on and will help lighting up your close surroundings.

The game's official manual.

The Lantern is a collectible item in Amnesia: The Dark Descent and its expansion Amnesia: Justine.


The lantern is your primary tool in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is, of course, used to light up dark spaces. Once it is picked up, it can be lit up by pressing "F" by default ("Square" on PS4, if playing Amnesia Collection).

The lantern requires Oil in order to keep running—once you run out of oil it will not burn anymore. You can go to your Inventory and double-click the oil icon in order to use a reserve oil potion to fill your lantern.

For a complete list of where to find oil potions and barrels, see Oil (The Dark Descent).

Throughout the game, you'll also find oil barrels, and you can click them to refill your lantern. The amount of oil they contain depends on how well you are doing on oil.

In The Dark Descent[]

Amnesia lantern

Daniel, using the lantern to illuminate a room.

It can be found in the Old Archives, in a big room, on a table. It triggers a cutscene and is hard to miss.

During an encounter with a Gatherer, the best thing to do is to turn the lantern off. Otherwise, Daniel will be illuminated, making it easier for the Gatherers to see, pursue, and kill him.

In Justine[]

In this expansion, the lantern appears in the very room where the game begins (the Cells). The lantern is hanging on a rope in the ceiling and is out of reach. The player must start a phonograph that's attached to the rope, so it can be lowered. Once the lantern is collected, a mechanism is triggered to open the only door leading out of the room.

Since no oil exists in this expansion, Justine cannot use the lantern for lighting areas. It will sit in the player's inventory uselessly once collected. But since Justine does not have such severe nyctophobia, she doesn't need it anyway.


  • Oillamp

    Brass Admiral Nelson Oil Lamp.

    The lantern in The Dark Descent seems to be closely based off a nautical oil lantern, specifically the Brass Admiral Nelson Oil Lamp.
  • Despite Daniel's crippling nyctophobia, finding the lantern in The Dark Descent does not restore Daniel's sanity.
  • Oil is not depleted during flashbacks.[1]
  • If Daniel is in the dark for more than a few seconds, the player can hear what sounds like teeth grinding and chattering; however, the senior Frictional Games developer, Jens Nilsson, confirmed the noises are not teeth grinding or chattering noises.[2]
  • By using debug mode, adding oil canisters in the Level Editor, or editing level scripts, oil can be applied to the Lantern in Justine. The arm lifting up the lantern is the same, because a new model was likely not deemed necessary for the expansion, given that the lantern is not normally usable in it.
  • The lantern has an effect on the sight range, or radius, of enemies. Lighting the lantern makes the range expand rapidly, continuing indefinitely as long as the lantern is out. The range is only reset when the level is exited or a save is loaded. The only way to avoid this large radius is to be in darkness and not moving. However, moving or no longer being in darkness will restore the radius to its larger state.
    • To demonstrate, this video shows a wireframe visualization of the sight range:
    • This appears to be a bug. It seems it was intended for the sight radius to simply be 50% larger when the lantern is out.[3]
    • Crouching alone still reduces the radius by half, but this becomes less effective the larger the radius becomes.
  • Despite the Suitors being blind, turning on the lantern will alert them, even if the player is far away.
    • This is because the Suitors can technically still see, most of them just have a much lower sight range compared to Gatherers. The bugged behavior described above causes this range to expand.
    • This is unaddressed by the developers, likely because there is no instance in which the lantern will be used normally in the presence of a Suitor, as Justine lacks oil sources.
  • In the demo version, the Lantern can be found in the Rainy Hall. In the full game, however, it is found in the Old Archives.


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