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For similar items from other games in the Amnesia series, see Lantern (disambiguation).
A wheel near the workbench

Tasi, using the lantern to illuminate a room.

The Lantern is one of the most important items in the game Amnesia: Rebirth.


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Visually, the lantern has become more modernized than its previous counterparts, corresponding with the more modern setting. It features a valve and an oil gauge, allowing the player to see the remaining amount of oil without opening the inventory screen.


Rebirth facility 7

Tasi exploring with the lantern.

Once it is picked up it can be lit up by pressing F on default. As the games are quite dark, it certainly comes in handy, yet it can also alert Ghouls of your position. The lantern serves as a useful light source for the player and is found next to Salim's body in the caves.

This lantern requires oil to function. It holds a maximum of 10 units of oil, each corresponding to roughly 16 seconds, giving it a total runtime of 2 minutes and 40 seconds from topped off to burned out. It also illuminates a fairly small area directly in front of the player.

Due to its short runtime and its limited range, the lantern is more suitable as a supplementary lighting source rather than a primary one, placing more emphasis on using matches to create permanent light sources. Also, for the first time in the series, the player will permanently lose the lantern in the Lower Factory, forcing them to rely entirely on matches for the rest of the game.


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