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For similar items from other games in the Amnesia series, see Lantern (disambiguation).
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Mandus, using the lantern to illuminate a room.

The Lantern is an important collectible item (and one of the only ones) in the game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.


The Lantern's appearence is that of the nineteenth century Dark Lantern. The Lantern shown in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is cylinder-shaped, majorly colored in black and has one large white len with a smooth-textured surface that shines the lantern's light. Differently from past [and subsquent] entries, the Lantern shown in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs runs on electricity.

Machine for pigs lantern

The redesigned lantern in A Machine for Pigs.


The Lantern is repurposed, with significant changes, as it now runs on electricity and can be used indefinitely. The lantern is first found on Oswald's Mansion attics. To use the lantern, the player must press F on default(for PS4 Amnesia Collection: Square). The lantern shown in Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, altough faint, becomes loud when used and alerts Manpigs to its sound.

Due to the removal of the inventory system, the lantern no longer requires collectable items for refuelling. This also relates to A Machine For Pigs taking place in the year 1899, where electricity was becoming common and affordable, contrasting to it's past entry, where electricity has not yet been invented, and fire and oils were used as fuel for illuminating environments.

While the lantern of The Dark Descent was open from all sides and lit up the environment all around the player, here it projects a much fainter beam of light only to the front.

An additional new mechanism of the lantern in this game is the flickering: whenever a Manpig is nearby, it will start flickering, increasing in intensity as the monster draws closer. When face-to-face with one, the lantern might completely stop, making escaping after blowing your cover even harder since you can't see where you are going. Oswald doesn't gain a slight night vision like Daniel or Justine either.

The Mandus Processing Company logo can be seen in the middle of the back of the lantern. The lantern also seems to resemble a lantern used by the Inspectors[citation needed].


The lantern appears more frequently in A Machine for Pigs, since the game does not force the player to take the first lantern, but instead appears in different areas if it wasn't picked up before.

If the player picks up any one of these lanterns, all others will disappear.

Oswald's Mansion[]

Waking the Doll's House[]
  • In the attic on a large crate.
  • On a desk in Oswald's office.
In Lily's Honour, A Banquet[]
  • Sitting on a crate in the secret room behind the bathtub.
  • On a shelf in the secret room behind the grizzly bear.
  • On a shelf in the tunnels beyond the semi-machine room.


  • On a crate in the room near the first broken plug.
  • At the top of the ramp where the barrels are found blocking the way to the second plug.
  • In the room that is at first blocked off by a wooden slab.
  • Directly ahead of you as you exit the decontamination chamber.

No lanterns are found from the Alley onwards. If the player misses all the lanterns at or before the Cellar, a previously saved game will need to be loaded to acquire one.


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