Amnesia lantern

Daniel, using the lantern to illuminate a room.

The lantern is the one of the most important items in the Amnesia games. Once it is picked up it can be lit up by pressing F (Square on PS4 if playing Amnesia Collection) on default, lighting the environment up. As the games are quite dark, it certainly comes in handy, yet it can also alert Gatherers and Manpigs of your position.

Amnesia: The Dark DescentEdit

The lantern is your primary tool (and friend) in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is, of course, used to light up dark spaces in the game and can be found in the Old Archives. During an encounter with a Gatherer, the best thing to do is to turn the lantern off as Daniel will be illuminated, making it easier for the Gatherers to see, pursue, and kill him.

The lantern requires oil in order to keep running - once you run out of oil it will not burn anymore. You can go to your Inventory and double-click the oil icon in order to use a reserve oil potion to fill your lantern. Throughout the game you'll also find oil barrels and you can click them to refill your lantern. The amount of oil they contain is dependant on how well you are doing on oil. A complete list on where to find oil potions and barrels can be found on the Oil article.


Inventory Icon.

Amnesia: JustineEdit

In this expansion, the lantern appears in the very room where the game begins. The lantern is hanging on a rope in the ceiling and is out of reach. The player must start a phonograph that's attached to the rope, so it can be lowered. Once the lantern is collected, a mechanism is triggered to open the only door leading out of the room.

Since no oil exists in this expansion, Justine cannot use the lantern for lighting areas. It will sit in the player's inventory uselessly once collected. But since Justine does not have as bad nyctophobia, she doesn't need it anyway.

Amnesia: A Machine for PigsEdit

Machine for pigs lantern

The redesigned lantern in A Machine for Pigs.

The lantern returns, although it has undergone many changes, most notably it now runs on electricity. Since the inventory has been removed, one does not need to collect items anymore to keep the lantern lit, similarly the tinderboxes are gone. This is all attributed to A Machine for Pigs taking place in the year 1899, when electricity was already very common, whereas The Dark Descent took place in a time that didn't use any electricity yet.

After finding the lantern in the attic (or Mandus' office if missed) in the first chapter, it can be used infinitely. However, while The Dark Descent's lantern was open from all sides and lit up the environment all around you, here it only projects a much fainter beam of light to the front.

An additional new mechanism of the lantern in this game is its flickering: whenever a Manpig is nearby, it wil start flickering, increasing in intensity as the monster draws closer. When face-to-face with one, the lantern might completely stop, making escaping after blowing your cover even harder since you can't see where you are going. (For example: the hidden cellar under the church, where the first tangible monster is roaming around, can be a nasty place as it is almost completely black if the lantern is not used) Oswald doesn't gain slight nightvision like Daniel or Justine either.

If one looks closely at the back of the lantern it is seen that the Mandus Processing Company logo and text is seen at the middle of the lantern. Same with the Journal as it seems that Mandus made these himself. The lantern also seems to resemble a lantern used by the Inspectors.


Amnesia: The Dark DescentEdit

Old ArchivesEdit

  • In the Old Archives, in a massive room. This is the only location in The Dark Descent.

Amnesia: JustineEdit

Cells (Justine)Edit

  • A useless lantern is obtainable once you play the phonograph in the cell your player wakes up in.

Amnesia: A Machine for PigsEdit

The lantern appears a lot more frequently in A Machine for Pigs, since the game does not force you to take the first lantern, but instead appears in different areas if the player does not yet already have a lantern.

If the player decides to pick up one of these lanterns, all others will cease to exist throughout the game and in the current level.

Oswald's MansionEdit

Waking the Doll's House Edit
  • In the attic on a large crate.
  • On a desk in Oswald's office.
In Lily's Honour, A Banquet Edit
  • Sitting on a crate in the secret room behind the bathtub.
  • On a shelf in the secret room behind the grizzly bear.
  • On a shelf in the tunnels beyond the semi-machine room.


  • On a crate in the room near the first broken plug.
  • At the top of the ramp where the barrels are found blocking the way to the second plug.
  • In the room that is at first blocked off by a wooden slab.

No lanterns are found from the Alley and forth. If you end up missing all the lanterns at or before the cellar, you will have to load a previously saved game if you want it.


  • The lantern in The Dark Descent seems to be closely based off a nautical oil lantern, specifically the Brass Admiral Nelson Oil Lamp.

Brass Admiral Nelson Oil Lamp.

  • In spite of Daniel's crippling nyctophobia, finding the lantern in The Dark Descent does not restore Daniel's sanity.
  • If Daniel is in the dark for more than a few seconds, the player can hear his teeth grinding and chattering. This could be problematic if Daniel is hiding in the dark because a Gatherer is hunting him, but he is still less likely to be seen than if he had the lantern on.
  • By using hacks or the level editor, oil can be applied to the Lantern in Justine. The arm lifting up the lantern is the same, because a new model was not needed for the expansion. Despite the Suitors being blind, turning on the lantern will alert them from any distance as long as they face the source.
    • This is because the Suitors have no specific programming for interaction with the lantern. One explanation is that they can feel the heat that comes from the lantern. This bug is unaddressed by the developers, likely because there is no instance in which the lantern will be used normally in the presence of a Suitor, as Justine lacks oil sources.
  • In the demo version, the Lantern can be found in the Rainy Hall. In the full game however it is found in the Old Archives.
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