"I’m not a sheriff, I’m a historian"
―Klaas, to Zimmermann

Klaas Gottschall is the main character in one of the Remember - Amnesia The Dark Descent short stories.

Information Edit

Arriving in Altstadt Edit

In a university in Königsberg, Klaas was studying cases of a crime spree in Altstadt, which lasted for 2 years, from 1702 to 1704. Out of those who battled the crime spree one name stood out to Klaas, a nobleman from the house of Gerich, Wilhelm. Wanting to find out information about Wilhelm and study his last solved case, as well as his whereabouts, Klaas sets to travel to Altstadt.

The Missing Nobleman Edit

Arriving in Altstadt, Klaas visits a farm which was destroyed in a large fire. He questions the villagers about the fire, to which they wonder why he is investigating a case that was solved 70 years ago. One of the villagers suggests Klaas go to Brennenburg Castle and ask the castle's Baron about it if he wants a more detailed explanation.

A Visit to Brennenburg Edit

Klaas' final stop was Brennenburg Castle. As he walks through the castle's front gates, wondering if somebody actually lives there, he approaches the castle's main door and knocks on it, hoping to find some answers.

Klaas' fate after his visit to Brennenburg is unknown.

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