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Kita was an alchemist from the Other World, he was an apprentice of the chief royal alchemist, Temaku, and served the Empire and its empress, Tihana.[1] He led the rebel plot to end the industrialized mass torture needed to sustain their civilization, which backfired and caused the end of their civilization at the hands of the The Shadow.[1] He is voiced by British actor Wilf Scolding.[2]


Life before Amnesia: Rebirth[]

Kita was an apprentice of the royal alchemist Temaku, and assisted him and their fellow alchemists in studying and experimenting with the orbs and Vitae.[1] At some point, he tasked his colleague Mihara with repairing the subsidiary node of the new test Gate, the configuration of which was delayed due to that node's failure.[3]

Over time, Kita grew appalled towards the brutal nature of the Vitae extraction process and how his civilization utilized it. After learning of Temaku's studies on Shadow's residue, he set his plan in motion.

Kita secretly studied Shadow's residues under Temaku, developed a formula from it to destroy the Vitae extraction process, and gave it to other collaborators who also wanted to stop this process.[4][5][6] Their plan partly succeeded, insofar in that they had caused the collapse of the Great Gate, but at immeasurable cost. The sabotage they perpetrated had unexpectedly triggered a chain reaction backwards from the Orbs, causing the catastrophic destruction of their city (and possibly the entire civilization or world) and the transformation of his fellow alchemists into Wraiths.[7] Furthermore, they failed to halt the industrialized mass-extraction of Vitae (the intended goal of the sabotage). Because his friend was buried under the collapsed floor in the Lower Factory before he was able to infect the system with Kita's formula and died shortly after.[7]

Their sabotage affected the Earthside portal in Algeria as well.[8] Following the sabotage, the Shadow manifested in the area, and Kharangi lost contact with the Other World.[8] Later, during Professor Herbert's expedition, his team excavated this same portal chamber and his assistant Khaled noted that this "gate" was not the only one constructed.[9] Therefore, it can be inferred that it is likely not the only one affected by Kita's sabotage, but the entire Other World portal network.

Having survived the catastrophe, Kita needed to use the Vitae supply to keep himself alive- despite finding it abhorrent- and plan new ways to end the suffering and kill the Empress.[10] He stole some from Empress Tihana's vitae supply and managed to keep himself alive.[10] Because of the destructive consequences of his actions, he considered himself a "traitor" and begged the forgiveness of all.[1]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]

Kita was found in the Alchemist's Chambers of the Other World by Tasi Trianon in a greatly weakened state, barely clinging to life. In order to supply the devices in the chambers, she took the vitae capsule for herself, which killed Kita.


  • He is the only Otherworlder citizen found alive during Amnesia: Rebirth, aside from Empress Tihana. The rest are dead, alchemists-turned Wraiths, and possibly also the victims of vitae extraction and Harvesters. His situation is similar to Toussaint Beaufoy, Karl Springer and Henri Clément from Amnesia: The Bunker, who are the last survivors during the game.
  • Kita's plan can be fulfilled if the player finds the appropriate injection and decides to kill the Empress in the game's final chapter.[11]
  • Immediately after vitae was taken from him, he shook his head as if he was trying to say "No!"
  • Kita was likely the ringleader of the cabal who wanted to stop the vitae extraction process, since he was able to work on Shadow's residues and his close proximity to imperial inner circle (as being the apprentice of head alchemist, Temaku).[speculation]
  • He is one of two named traitors in Amnesia: Rebirth. The other one being Taina.
  • Kita's decrepit state and reliance on life-giving machinery with sinister origins bears a striking resemblance to the states of certain characters in another of Frictional's games, SOMA (including specifically Sarah Lindwall, as both are the last known living members of their species).
  • Kita and Sdt. Farber from Amnesia: The Bunker have similar roles in their respective games, as both of them were the ringleaders of rebellions against their respective authority, and both believed themselves the only survivors of the fallout.
  • Kita is a surname in Japanese and Polish languages.[12] It means "north", "field of trees" or "many happinesses" in Japanese (depending on the Kanji used), and "crest bunch sheaf; tail" in Polish.[12]



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