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Kharangi was one of the overseers of the Hunting Grounds for the Empire of Empress Tihana. He is voiced by English actor Nicholas Boulton.[1]


Early life[]

Almost nothing is known about Kharangi's early life, apart from that he was born in the Other World, most likely in the Empire of Empress Tihana. He became an alchemist and specialized in controlling and experimenting with Harvesters.[2] At some point in time, Kharangi was sent to an Otherworlder outpost on Earth, located in the remote Algerian desert. It appears the outpost was built for Harvester training and experimentation, where Kharangi and other alchemists worked on improving the Harvester hunting grounds to a degree that the Vitae yield would be maximized.[3][2]

Work in the Hunting Grounds[]

Kharangi and his colleagues identified a fault in a revised layout of the Hunting Grounds, which reduced the Harvester stalking time of from "100 idar" to "30 idar."[2] This distance wasn't enough for the Vitae accumulation in the subjects, who panicked and ran, getting caught and slaughtered too soon as a result, Kharangi advised to restore the previous configuration temporarily until the situation was further re-evaluated.[2]

In another experiment, Kharangi noted that Harvesters had adapted to the refinements in the grounds and observed a significant increase in vitae harvesting yield.[3] A full count of seventeen cells, which was an improvement of four cells over the previous cycle.[3] One of his colleagues, Mareiku, suggested that this increase might had been a result of the change in transfiguration batch, and thus, Kharangi suggested an experiment with previous harvested Vitae stock to eliminate the uncertainties.[3]

Some time after their experiments, Kharangi lost communication with the Other World and was left alone in the outpost. he tried to open the portal, which unleashed uncontrolled energy burst and summoned the Shadow.[4] He waited for the energy level to fall, but he had no idea when it would happen.[4] Unbeknownst to him, Kita and his allies had enacted their scheme to kill Empress Tihana, destroy the Vitae pipelines and the factories, and close the Great Gate, which was partially successful.[5] Their plan caused a catastrophic chain reaction, with the Shadow destroying the Great Gate and only one of the four Vitae pipelines and connected factories, resulting in the utter destruction of their civilization and the failure of their plan to destroy all four Vitae networks.[5] Empress Tihana also survived the cataclysm, presiding over the ruins of her civilization.[5]


Kharangi's ultimate fate is unknown by the time of Amnesia: Rebirth, as there is no concrete evidence to suggest his survival or demise. However, there is an ancient Otherworlder corpse located in a chamber located to the side of the Chamber of Pillars, right next to a Harvester vent. It is possible that this is Kharangi's corpse, suggesting that he was killed by the erratic Harvesters.


  • In real life, "Kharangi" is the name of a district of Famagusta (Gazimağusa) city in Northern Cyprus.