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Khaled was a member of the excavation team led by Professor Thurston Herbert to the Algerian desert, during the events just before Amnesia: The Dark Descent.[1] He wass mentioned in documents found in Amnesia: Rebirth.


Khaled was hired along with several other workers by Professor Herbert to serve as diggers for his archaeological expedition to the Tomb of Tin Hinan. He was specifically picked by the Professor to take on Daniel’s duties and position after Daniel was sent to Great Britain.[1] In this capacity, Khaled analyzed both Otherwordly symbols, structures and Leyden jars.[1][2] From Other Worldly documents, he inferred that there are interwordly gates other than The Great Gate.[3]

Khaled’s ultimate fate is unclear, but he most likely died to the hand of the Shadow along with the rest of the expedition.


  1. Algeria was a French colony from 1830–1848, and a full part of France proper 1848–1962, hence the use of the French tricolor flag to refer to Algerians of this time-period.


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