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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
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Sicher hier... in meinem Käfig.
(Safe here... in my cage.)

Karl, to himself

Karl Springer (German: /kaʁl ˈʃpʁɪŋɐ/) is a minor character, found alive during the events of Amnesia: The Bunker. Springer was a German soldier who was taken as prisoner-of-war by the French, his cell located in the Bunker's Prison, and could be heard pleading when Henri Clément drew near. He is voiced by German-Serbian actor Branko Tomović.[1]


Early life[]

Karl Springer was likely born somewhere in Germany. If his claims are true, he was presumably conscripted or volunteered for the war as a soldier in the Imperial German Army, although it is also a possibility that he was already a serving officer. His exact rank is unknown in any case.

Events preceding Amnesia: The Bunker[]

The German prisoner[]

On June 29th, 1916, Karl and nineteen other German soldiers were captured by the French army during a raid on one of their outposts. The soldiers were taken to a French bunker, being processed and jailed by the prison warden, Major Sergeant Delpy.[2] In Delpy's report to his superiors, he stated that their eight cells could not handle the new influx of prisoners and recommended that most of them be shipped off to a POW camp as soon as possible; however, Delpy then wrote that Karl had his marking of rank and insignia torn off, leaving his rank unknown.[2] Delpy opined that he should remain in their custody and be interrogated, due to the fact that he could be an officer or a VIP of some sort.[2] Comdt. Fournier accepted his recommendations and ordered him and Sgt. Reynard to begin their interrogations.[3]

On July 4th, Reynard sent Delpy an update about his progress in Karl's interrogation.[3] Reynard explained that he had begun a process of “aggressive interrogation,” which was a euphemism for brutal torture, as Reynard then casually wrote “I hope the screams have not kept you awake.”[3] The unusual presence of bolt cutters in Karl's cell, yet the lack of wounds it would have caused, strongly implies Reynard intended to use it as a tool of torture before he died. Despite the fact that Karl continued to claim that he was an ordinary German soldier, Reynard remained unconvinced, and told Delpy that he would give him food in the hope that he would confess out of gratitude.[3]

Events of Amnesia: The Bunker[]

When Henri enters the Prison section of the Bunker, Karl will begin constantly calling out to him. He is locked in one of the prison cells, bound to a chair with a bag over his head. He has so far remained untouched by the monstrosity in large part due to the bars of his cell.

Within Karl's cell will be the bolt cutters which Henri need's in order to access the Roman Tunnels. Henri must use the prison terminal in order to open the cell doors. In this situation, Henri has the choice of opening the cell, which will create a lot of noise and allow the monster to finally kill Karl or Henri can kill Karl himself, saving him from a much more gruesome death.

Alternatively, Karl can also be saved from certain death. Should the player open the cell door whilst finding a way to distract the monster long enough, Henri can grab the bolt cutters and immediately return to the terminal to close the cell gate, protecting him from the monster. Saving Karl this way will unlock the "Life Preserver" achievement. If left alive, the prisoner's fate is unknown, although it is possible he dies of thirst before being found by either the French reclaiming the bunker or the Germans taking it.



Not much is known about Karl. If what he said during his interrogation was true, he was just an enlisted man who was conscripted or volunteered into the German army at the time of mobilization. If Karl was actually an officer, he presumably was already serving in the army in August 1914.

The only true insight to his nature is in his delirious, tortured, and desperate state. When the prisoner hears Henri nearby, he will constantly ask who is there and make many cries for help. Karl seems to be well aware of the Beast as it roams the Bunker, as well as its murderous nature. Karl's exact knowledge of it is unclear, but he understands that his cell is the only thing keeping him alive. If his cell is opened, he will scream for his cell to be closed so that the monstrosity does not reach him.

Karl says he is "content" with his cell being closed, despite being imprisoned, as long as the beast comes nowhere near him.

Physical appearance[]

Karl has blue-green eyes, balding brown hair, and appears to be of an average height. He also sports a Bismarck mustache. His exact age is presently unknown; however, due to his service in the Imperial German Army, particularly in a reserve corps, his worn physical appearance, and mature-sounding voice, he is likely between thirty-five and forty-five years of age. After being captured by the French, he was tortured for information by Sgt. Reynard, who inflicted several cuts and bruises on him.


Springer wore the uniform of the Imperial German Army, albeit with the rank markings torn off.



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  • Despite it being implied that Karl was kept alive due to being confined behind protective cell bars, if the player manages to open the cell door and checks inside before the monster comes and kills him, one can see a hole in the wall behind the prisoner. If this is the case, then it is strange that the monster would restrain itself from attacking the prisoner. Although it is possibly a rat hole.
    • This is probably due to gameplay reasons, as it would prevent the player from getting the relevant achievement.
  • Aside from directly killing the prisoner, the game does not provide any other way of interacting with him.
  • He is the third living ethnic German character encountered in the games, after Agrippa and if one counts Alexander of Brennenburg, and the second if one counts Alexander as a non-German. Other Germans in the games are only seen as corpses or are mentioned. (except for unnamed German soldiers in the prologue and epilogue of Amnesia: The Bunker).
  • Along with Sdt. Toussaint Beaufoy, he is one of the three humans in the bunker still alive during most of the events of Amnesia: The Bunker (though his fate can be altered by the player). This is similar to Kita's and Empress Tihana's status in Amnesia: Rebirth.


  1. "Herr" is equivalent to "Mr." in German, ergo "Herr Karl Springer" is equivalent to "Mr. Karl Springer."


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