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The Journal is a core element in the Amnesia games and serves as an item where all found documents are stored.

The contents of the Journal encompasses, and may refer to, any of the following:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent[]

Removed content[]

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs[]

  • Mandus' journal:
    • Found Documents - The notes and diaries Mandus find around his factory.
    • My Journal - Cognate to the mementos of The Dark Descent, these are notes Mandus write down in his journal from time to time.

Amnesia: Rebirth[]

Amnesia: The Bunker[]

  • Henri Clement's journal:
    • Notes
    • Photos – Captured photographic evidence of various aspects of the bunker and events therein.
    • Codes – 4-digit combinations of numbers found by radio transmission and from dog tags.