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Jonathan Webber's last words - 4th of March, 1937

Jonathan Webber is a minor character in Amnesia: Rebirth. He was one of the fourteen members of the Triple Crown Sadiola mining expedition to the French Sudan and was one of the passengers aboard the Cassandra when it crashed. He is voiced by British actor Wilf Scolding.[5]


Very little is known about Jonathan Webber’s life before the expedition, but he was born in London, Great Britain.[2] He became an engineer and at some point married a woman named Amanda and had two children with her, Susan and Alfie, who were both still young at the time Jonathan embarked on the ill-fated expedition.[3] He worked on numerous engineering projects, but none outside of England, and so was excited to go on the expedition to the French Sudan.[2]

Hank Mitchell's initial impression of Jonathan was very positive, and he believed that he would work well with Tasi Trianon and Eva Ritter.[2] Although Mitchell was also worried that the notoriously unpleasant and boorish Leon De Vries would steamroll him.[2]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]


Before the flight to the French Sudan, Jonathan spent his time sightseeing in Algiers and intended to send a postcard to his children describing his experiences; in addition, he also bought both of them a gift from the local markets and bazaars.[4]

Jonathan was among the initial survivors of the Cassandra crash, surviving apparently uninjured.[6] In the immedioate aftermath of the crash, he and Leon helped Hank and Malick Tamboura move rubble off of the injured Lukas Ritter. Despite not suffering any injuries, he nevertheless wrote a final letter to his family in the case that he died in the desert, in the letter, he lamented his desire for an adventure and proclaimed his love for his wife Amanda and his children.[3]

Upon arriving on the path overlooked by Al-Mamaru Fort, Jonathan remarked cautiously that the abandoned Ottoman fortress looked rather desolate and hostile, Alex Sterling then replied with more optimism that it was fortunate they even found a settlement at all, to which Leon pessimistically wagered it had already been gutted by the local Kel Hanan.[7]

As they entered, Jonathan was shocked at the sheer size of the structure.[8] While making their way through the abandoned French fortress, the crew was ambushed by a Ghoul.[9] Caught by surprise, Jonathan was gruesomely slaughtered, with his head torn off and impaled on a stake.

During the game[]

Upon returning to the fort, Tasi discovers his decapitated corpse lying on the floor of the quartermaster's storage. His severed head is in the adjoining storage room, impaled on a stake.

After the Game[]

In the London-based Webber Archive, there was a recording labelled, "Box 1, Reel 2." It showed a slide-show from 1949 that itself recorded documents that focused on events taking place in the Algerian desert in the waning days of the Great War. It is unknown if the Webber Archive is related to Jonathan in any way, but it is unlikely to be coincidental.


Jonathan had light coloured eyes and short dark blonde hair. His exact age is unknown, however, his youthful physical appearance and cheerful, almost childlike demeanor suggest that he was under the age of 35.[2] That being said, Jonathan is almost certainly older than 25, as he was both an experienced engineer and married with two adolescent children.[2][4][3] All the factors combined suggest that Jonathan was between 25 and 35 years of age.


  • « It's not the friendliest of places... »
  • « Crikey, look at the size of this place! »
  • « I suppose it's my fault for wanting a big adventure. I should have stayed home after all. »



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