Jonas Steinick Berlin was the concept artist and additional graphics artist for Frictional Games' Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010). Jonas designed the enemies for the game, codename "Servant Grunts".

Conceptualizing the HorrorEdit

Thomas Grip gave Jonas a lot of freedom on the project, under the guidelines that the Servant Grunt had to be a humanoid and nothing like a standard zombie like "The Infected" in Penumbra: Black Plague. It should also fit the the story of demon-like creatures taking over human bodies and be super creepy.

Jonas Steinick Berlin 01

Jonas got inspiration from photos of 18th and 19th century clothing (the time in which the game takes place), surrealistic paintings and various disturbing stuff. He experimented with smalll sketches of character silhouettes and different faces. The final result was something of a hunchback with interesting clothing futting the era and a really grim face. Thomas however wanted something more realistic, something you could almost find in real life, with less clothing.

Grunt early concepts02
For his next attempt, Jonas focused more on the head of the character, giving it a crushed jaw with parts of skin hanging down and eyes with dilated pupils which pointed in different directions. Thomas approved of the design so Jonas moved ont to the rest of the body, wanting to get the feeling of a demon possessing a body that it was unfamiliar to. The creature should try to deform the body into a, according to its own twisted standards, more familiar form, breaking bones and bending joints while doing so. It should also have accidental injuries and be held together with bones and bandages.
Jonas Steinick Berlin 03
Because of the lack of clothing, the team discussed about showing genitials or not, but quickly scrapped the idea after realizing that it would be best not to tease the rating system for the game. Jonas was then determined to design the creature with nothing but a few bandages an began to study how the head might look from different views.

For the final concept, Jonas used warm colours with elements of purple, blue and yellow to create a pale corpse-like look.


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