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As we stood at that maw, listening. The Howling... howling... howling... grew distant. Receded to where I dare not guess. Perhaps our minds are gone. Or perhaps there is something down there... Toussaint will not tell me what he saw. Please write me again soon.
Love to you,

Johannes Nicolay in a letter to a relative, May 5th, 1916

Soldat 1st Class Johannes Nicolay is a minor character in Amnesia: The Bunker. He was a French soldier stationed on the western front of the First World War.[1]


Early life[]

Nicolay was likely born somewhere in France.[1] He was presumably conscripted for the war as a soldier in the French Army and sent to the front to help repel the advance of the German army. He held the rank of "Soldat 1st Class," which was equivalent to “Private 1st Class”. At some point in time, he and his unit were stationed at or transferred to the bunker.

Events preceding Amnesia: The Bunker[]

An esoteric experience[]

On May 5th, Nicolay wrote, but did not send, a letter to someone named “Amanda Nicolay,” most likely his wife or perhaps a sister.[3] In the letter, he described being woken up by some sort of strange sound, which had emanated from the Roman Tunnels.[3] Deciding to investigate, Nicolay left the barracks and went to the tunnels, running into Toussaint Beaufoy, who had also heard the sound, but had dared to enter.[3] The two men then returned to the barracks after listening.[3]

Over the next few weeks, more and more of the soldiers began seeing and hearing similar things.[4] Sdt. Alex Noyer, a classicist, had received ancient texts taken from the tunnels that described similar things to what the men dreamed.[4] Upon realizing this, Noyer immediately told them all of the texts.[4] Fournier and the other officers didn’t believe the stories, and they ordered Sgt. Reynard to punish and interrogate the classicist.[5][6]

Farber’s plot[]

After what happened to Noyer, no one dared to speak about the visions and nightmares, which were sharply increasing amongst the enlisted men.[2] Things reached a point where Engr. Ozanne Zabelle sent a missive to Soldat Farber, a friend of Noyer and LaRue.[2] Zabelle told Farber that something would have to be done, and arranged for them to have a discussion.[2]

Farber acquiesced, and gathered a group of men he could trust, which included Nicolay, Zabelle, Sdt. Gaspar LaRue, Sdt. 1st Class Jean Renoir, and Sdt. Toussaint Beaufoy.[7][8] They plotted to blow up the tunnel entrance and seal off the demons within.[7][8] On June 2nd, they successfully carried out their plan, and the tunnel was sealed.[7][8] Fournier was apoplectic, and ordered Sgt. Reynard to conduct a thorough and ruthless investigation to discover the culprits.[9] Reynard correctly assumed those who had warned the others about the tunnels were the most likely to be guilty, and by June 9th was able to round up four of the six mutineers, LaRue, Nicolay, Renoir, and Zabelle.[7][8] Nicolay was the second of the men to confess and be arrested.[7][8]

After the arrests, Maj. Sgt. Delpy and Reynard tortured Nicolay and the others for information. Under this pressure, LaRue broke and gave up knowledge about the missing Toussaint Beaufoy, confirming that he was a mutineer and that he’d left the group a short while before the sabotage.[10] Nicolay and his fellow mutineers were then court-martialled on June 11th, and the officers decided to have them thrown into a pit to starve to death.[11] However, Delpy and Reynard continued to sadistically torture them until at least June 14th.[7] After which they were executed.

Events of Amnesia: The Bunker[]

As Nicolay is dead by the time the game takes place, he is only mentioned in the array of notes.



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