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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, your patriotism, I only wish I could share it. I fear command will only prove themselves fools and your men will pay the cost. They want a grand subterranean hub of courage, steel, and intelligence. We both know what they will get: a rancid, stinking pit. A void, a hole. Full of men, scared and confused. Then they will proclaim it a success and issue a new order: dig again. Deeper this time. For France. For victory. Your orders, that dig, they are the very war itself in miniature. The arrogant and idiotic leading the scared and foolish ever downward toward darkness.... I'm sorry my friend. My mood is pitch black. And everywhere I look I see this world, barreling forward into chaos.

Jean's misgivings in a letter to his friend, Sgt. Reynard

Soldat 1st Class Jean Renoir is a minor character in Amnesia: The Bunker. He was a French soldier stationed on the western front of the First World War.[1]


Early life[]

Jean Renoir was likely born somewhere in France.[1] He was presumably conscripted for the war as a soldier in the French Army and sent to the front to help repel the advance of the German army. Renoir held the rank of "Soldat 1st Class," which was equivalent to Private 1st Class. At some point in time, he and his unit were stationed at or transferred to the bunker. At some point, he became friends with Sgt. Reynard, an unlikely friendship considering Reynard was both despotic and sadistic. As such, the most likely possibilities are; they were already friends before the war, became friends before Reynard received a promotion and became an NCO, or through sustained close contact such as Renoir being his orderly.

Events preceding Amnesia: The Bunker[]

Digging too deep[]

On April 2nd, 1916, Renoir sent a letter to his friend, Sgt. Reynard.[3] In it, he privately criticized the high command’s order to expand the bunker, claiming that the men would be the ones to suffer from their ignorance of the true conditions at the front.[3] In the post-script, Renoir requested that Reynard keep the message private, as his words were borderline treasonous.[3] Surprisingly, the normally tyrannical Reynard apparently heeded his friend’s request, as he kept the letter in his officer drawer instead of punishing him.

Farber’s plot[]

Conditions in the bunker worsened as the men started seeing and hearing things from the tunnels and in their dreams.[4][5] The officers however refused to listen to the men and instead punished those who spoke out reached a point where Engr. Ozanne Zabelle sent a missive to Soldat Farber, a friend of Renoir.[4][5][2] Zabelle told Farber that something would have to be done, and arranged for them to have a discussion.[2]

Farber acquiesced, and gathered a group of men he could trust, which included Renoir, Zabelle, Sdt. 1st Class Johannes Nicolay, Sdt. Gaspar LaRue, and Sdt. Toussaint Beaufoy.[6][7] They plotted to blow up the tunnel entrance and seal off the demons within.[6][7] On June 2nd, they successfully carried out their plan, and the tunnel was sealed.[6][7] Comdt. Fournier was apoplectic, and ordered Sgt. Reynard to conduct a thorough and ruthless investigation to discover the culprits.[8] Reynard correctly assumed those who had warned the others about the tunnels were the most likely to be guilty, and by June 9th was able to round up four of the six mutineers, including Renoir, Nicolay, LaRue, and Zabelle.[6][7] Renoir was the fourth of the men to confess and be arrested.[6][7]

After the arrests, Maj. Sgt. Delpy and Reynard tortured Renoir and the others for information. Under this pressure, LaRue broke and gave up knowledge about the missing Toussaint Beaufoy, confirming that he was a mutineer and that he’d left the group a short while before the sabotage.[9] Renoir and his fellow mutineers were then court-martialed on June 11th, and despite being his friend, Reynard made a suggestion to Delpy that they all should be thrown into a pit to starve to death.[10] Delpy's response is not known, but the two men continued to sadistically torture the saboteurs until at least June 14th.[6] After which they were executed, likely by the means which Reynard suggested.

Events of Amnesia: The Bunker[]

As Renoir is dead by the time the game takes place, he is only mentioned in the array of notes.



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