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This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

If emergency lockdown becomes necessary, find Delisle. He keeps the necessary lockdown wheels tucked away in Mission Storage.

Major Blanchet in a message to Sgt. Reynard, July 13th, 1916

J. Delisle is a minor character in Amnesia: The Bunker. He was a French non-commissioned officer stationed at the Western Front of World War I.[3]


Early life[]

Delisle was likely born somewhere in France.[3] He was presumably conscripted or volunteered for the war as a soldier in the French Army and sent to the front to help repel the advance of the German army. His unit was possibly transferred to, or originally stationed at, a secure frontline bunker.

Events preceding Amnesia: The Bunker[]

Gaspar LaRue and the Mutiny[]

On May 14th, 1916, one of Delisle's men, Sdt. Gaspar LaRue, was ordered to assist the engineers in mapping the Roman tunnels.[4] As he entered the deepest area of the tunnels, LaRue at first noticed strange glowing liquid seeping from the walls.[4] When he turned, the walls of the tunnels vanished and he was standing in a vast plane of darkness, and in the distance there was a sickly light that seemed to be called him forward.[4] Malformed shadows moved around all the while.[4]

This experience only lasted a second, but it was enough to scar LaRue’s psyche considerably.[4] LaRue then returned to his barracks and told his compatriots of what had occurred, including the classicist Alex Noyer, who had deciphered texts describing things similar to what LaRue had seen.[5] Due to this, Noyer then began telling the other men about what was in the texts.[5]

The next day, LaRue reported what he had seen to his immediate superior, Delisle, and sent a written report to Comdt. Fournier and Major Blanchet, describing both what he had seen and also requesting medical leave.[4] Fournier and the other officers didn’t believe his story, and when they discovered that rumours were spreading, they ordered Sergeant Reynard to punish and interrogate him.[6] LaRue then confessed under pressure about Noyer, who was also punished.[6][7]

On June 2nd, Sdt. Farber, LaRue and a group of their brothers in arms, desperate to save themselves and their other compatriots from the maddening dreams and hallucinations originating from the tunnels, blew up the entrance to them.[8][9] They plotted to blow up the tunnel entrance and seal off the demons within.[8][9] Comdt. Fournier was apoplectic and ordered Sgt. Reynard to find the culprits, whom he had correctly guessed were the same men to spread the warnings and rumours.[10] Reynard's brutal methods worked, and the officers rounded up four of the six mutineers, with LaRue being the first of them to confess and be arrested.[8][9] After being tortured for information, all of the apprehended mutineers were executed, with the only one to escape justice unidentified being Sdt. Farber, and the only identified one to escape capture being Sdt. Toussaint Beaufoy.[11][12][8][9]

Nighttime Security and the Beast[]

On July 13th, Major Blanchet ordered Sergeant Reynard to personally patrol the hallways of the bunker, as he'd heard something skulking around and suspected the men were fomenting another act of sabotage.[13] Blanchet even went so far as to suggest implementing a lockdown to secure the bunker, informing Reynard that Delisle kept the spare lockdown wheels, suggesting that security was one of his responsibilities.[13]

Sometime between July 18th and July 21st, Delisle was fatally eviscerated by the Beast within his own quarters. It is possible that his death was what pushed the cowardly Comdt. Fournier to flee the bunker with the other surviving officers.

Events of Amnesia: The Bunker[]

Delisle's dogtag has his locker code on the back, which is needed to find the spare lockdown wheel to lift the lockdown. The dogtag is found on his corpse, which hasn't been disturbed by anyone, further suggesting that Delisle was murdered when the officers lost authority.



Not much is known about Delisle, but it can be inferred that he was unlikable, cruel, and perhaps even despotic.[14][8] This assumption of his personality can be supported by the enlisted men’s hatred of all the officers, bar Sgt. Joubert.[15][14] From the drawings and easel in his room, it can be inferred that Delisle enjoyed those activities.


Delisle had balding brown hair and had a quirk with his eye colour, heterochromia, with his right eye being a clear light blue, while his left was a dark grey; his exact age is unknown; but due to his service in the wartime French Army, and his balding appearance, he is likely between thirty-five and forty-five years of age.[1]


On duty, Delisle wore the regular uniform of the French Army at the time.


  • Delisle, along with Sergeant Reynard, is the only other officer confirmed to be deceased by the beginning of Amnesia: The Bunker.
  • Delisle is the only officer whose exact rank is unknown.


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