"I'm as broken as the men I've tortured. If only I could wipe my fear away as we did with them."
―Daniel's diary.

The Inner Sanctum is the penultimate area explored in the game.


Inner Sanctum is one of the first areas mentioned in the game. The sanctum is very small and is entered via the Chancel after Daniel dispels the barrier with Agrippa's mended orb. The Orb Chamber, where Alexander awaits, can be reached from here.

Upon entry here the Shadow arrives and chases Daniel

Run down the stairs and pull the lever on the left nearside pillar to close the door behind him and halt its fleshy residue from claiming Daniel. It is inside this place that many of Alexander's rituals take place, as evidenced by the altars in the sanctum's peripheral chambers. The main room contains a lever to operate the doors, a staircase which leads to the Chancel, as well as a corridor which leads to the Orb Chamber. Inside the left room there is desk upon which is the final journal entry from Daniel, in which he swears revenge against Alexander.

The large door to the Orb Chamber will not budge. A final seal must be broken to confront the baron. In either of the smaller rooms are two alter with Octagram seals on them. They require his blood. Touching both of them drains his health and sanity considerably. After doing so the player must walk onto the Octagram markers on the floor to weaken and finally break the seal.

Hard Mode tip: After walking onto the second Octagram and breaking the seal, it is very likely that Daniel's sanity will hit zero and cause him to collapse, which means death in Hard Mode. While having the lantern lit for a while, the player should wait until sanity is at the "A slight headache" stage, before walking on the second Octagram.

The Shadow forces down the heavy door and overtakes the area with its fleshy matter, roaring as Daniel leaves it once more, entering the final area in Castle Brennenburg.

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  • If Daniel repeatedly touches the two Octagram seals after opening the doorway, his health will not be affected, but his sanity will very quickly drop to "..." and he'll become temporarily incapacitated over and over again.

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