The Historian's diary was a single diary entry written by the unnamed scrapped character who has a little-to-no information other than spending his time collecting details about the castle (possibly the Brennenburg Castle) and feels interested enough to visit the place on the very next day. Removed from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, it can be only seen briefly in the BETA gameplay video[1] (found from the Super Secret file), where it was possibly found in one of the Archives rooms.

Entry Edit

1615 Edit

Year is 1615

Writing is local historian who is collecting lore about the area. He mentions that "the castle" plays a big part in stories told.

The historian says that he is intrigued and will visit the castle the next day.

References Edit

  1. [SUPER SECRET] Amnesia BETA gameplay by FrictionalGames (timestamp 1:08 - 1:10)
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