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It's that thing, isn't it? It only comes at night. It's one of them lost souls.

Zell, to Gabriel the Outrider, about the Gatherers.

Herr Zell was a cooper (the historical term for a profession involved in the making and maintenance of barrels) living in the small hamlet of Altstadt, in East Prussia. He is a minor character in the short story "The Outrider", from the Remember short story collection.


Herr Zell was a cooper living in Altstadt in the early 19th Century. On August 2nd, 1839, he was startled by Gabriel the outrider as the man chased and tried to shoot a strange creature that had abducted the town cat, Tinker.[1] Zell exited his house and demanded an explanation from Gabriel, but quickly realized what Gabriel was doing.[2] Gabriel then borrowed the townsman's lantern, and ran into the woods after the mysterious figure.[2]


  • "It's that thing, isn't it?"
  • "It only comes at night. It’s one of them lost souls."


  1. Remember: "The Outrider" — "Herr Zell, the cooper, had been startled by the muffled crack outside his home. He picked up a lantern and stepped outside. A man stood in the pasture with a rifle at his side. ‘What is going on out here?’ Gabriel turned to face the startled townsman. What could he say, he reasoned – tell him that a monster from his past had revealed itself? ‘It’s that thing, isn’t it?’ shuddered Zell.”
  2. 2.0 2.1 Remember: "The Outrider" — "‘I’ve seen it before. A long time ago, when I was boy, said Gabriel. ‘Are there really more than one?’ Zell seemed to give it some thought. ‘Who knows? Maybe it’s just the one,’ figured Zell. Gabriel looked up into the moonlit sky and then back at the dark forest across the pasture. ‘I could use your lantern.’ Gabriel ran through the forest. He was already regretting his decision. He was tracing the footsteps of his father, and he knew it. It was he who had brought the lantern that night and watched him step into the darkness – never to return.”